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Morning! Today, we’re switching gears and talking about hair. I promise not to bore you and I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Remember awhile ago when I mentioned my 30 before 30 list? Well, I have yet to share the full list with you, but one thing that made its way on there was donating 10 inches of my hair to Locks of Love.

I am happy to say, I did it! Last week, I visited my lovely and adorable stylist Kelly Meakins, and she not only snipped 10 plus inches of my hair off, she¬†gave me a nice little cut and color. The result is quite a transformation…

I’m still getting used to my short hair, but I am super pumped that I was able to donate to such a wonderful non-profit during this time of year. I certainly had cold feet before the big snip, but Kelly is amazing and I knew she wouldn’t let me walk out of the salon with less than perfect hair.

Here’s my ponytail, in all her glory…kinda gross, actually.

Also, this cut was near and dear to my heart because cancer has personally affected my family this year and it felt good to do something to fight back. Take that, cancer!

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming of home decor and pretty things, I promise:).

P.S. If anyone’s looking for a lovely stylist in PDX, I highly recommend Kelly Meakins at Bella Pearl Salon. Love her.

11 thoughts on “10 inches

  1. katie Said:

    love the new hair cut! what a great thing to do :-)

  2. heather j Said:

    That’s awesome Kirsten! Your new cut looks great.

  3. jenn Said:

    Such a cute cut! And, so brave …. I definitely would’ve been freaking out. But, super good cause, and a super cute new hairstyle make it totally worth it :)

  4. Amanda @ RE:DO Said:

    The new do is so cute!! I’ve been thinking of doing the same, but I don’t think mine is long enough to donate yet. Maybe I’ll keep going until I can do the same!

  5. [email protected] Blue Said:

    You look beautiful-just like Jennifer Aniston when she chopped her hair a few months ago!

  6. Hilary @ My So-Called Home Said:

    Looks great. It’s funny, when I read the title it sounded like Faizon Love, Zooey Deschanel’s boss from Elf, when he tells her to make six inch ribbon curls…”six inches!” hah yeah, random…

  7. Rochelle Said:

    Kristin! Thank you for sharing this! I have been dying for my stylist to return from maternity leave so that I too may donate my hair. My goal has always been to create a lifetime of style. I never want to look back on decades of photos and see the same hairstyle. :) You look FAB!

  8. lee Said:


    you were born to be a sassy bob girl ! love the cut.
    xx L

  9. Bri Said:

    you look absolutely stunning!!!! i was thinking of doing the same thing this spring – and would love to be able to give cancer a swift kick in the butt too. way to go kir! :)

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