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Craft Room Christmas Surprise

A good buddy of ours surprised his wife with an incredible Christmas gift this year, and I just had to share it with you. Derek had been talking about giving his wife, Holly, her own dedicated “craft room” for a few months, and a week before Christmas, he worked his little buns off to give her a seriously precious present.

Here’s the story: Derek’s a teacher, so he had the week off before Christmas. Instead of kicking back and relaxing during his well-deserved vacation, Derek high-tailed it to Ikea and Home Depot, and went to work on Holly’s room. While Holly was at work, Derek painted his heart out, assembled the shelves and desk and organized like crazy. After only a few days, he unveiled his Christmas gift. As you can imagine, Holly was shocked and overjoyed – talk about a labor of love!

Here are the before and afters pics…






craft room after

craft room after

craft room after

craft room after

Helllllo storage! Holly’s been talking about starting her own etsy shop, and her new craft room gives her plenty of space to create, sew, and assemble projects. And did I mention her HUSBAND did this for her? I mean, does it get any cuter than that?

Again, just had to share Derek’s incredibly thoughtful gift. What a guy.

I SPY! Soma Gallery


I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! We had a great time with family, there’s truly nothing like being home for the holidays.

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite gifts I received for Christmas. Kyle gave it to me  – he ordered it from Soma Gallery, a U.K. based shop on Nov. 30th and it finally arrived on our doorstep on December 24th – just in time! That’s international shipping for you. Anyway, it’s a letterpress poster by Anthony Burrill and it’s a statement piece.

work hard and be nice to people

I spotted the print in a home decor book a few months ago and then Kyle tracked it down online. It’s such a simple piece, yet it’s incredibly powerful. Can you imagine if everyone lived by this motto, how sweet and easy life would be?

Enough about my little gift…Soma has an incredible gallery of art. If you are looking for a unique piece, I’d steer you to this affordable online store. Here are a few of my favorite items, all pieces from different U.K. artists:


Town By Lisa Jones


Hubert the Sausage Dog by Jane Massey


Snowy Owls by  Dee Beale


Running Boy by Michelle Thompson

Soma also has housewares, gifts, cards and jewelry. It’s like a little treasure chest with so many wonderful treats. Happy browsing and thank you Kyle for introducing me to such a great gallery of goods!

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!

Hi friends!

Man, do I have a pep in my step today. Could it be that I’m off work for a looong holiday weekend? Or because I’m spending some wonderful quality time with family and friends? Or perhaps it’s because it’s nearly Christmas?! Whatever the reason, cheers to this splendid time of year.

Without even looking at the calendar, I know it’s nearly Christmas just by taking a quick glance at our Christmas card holder…it was pretty sparse a few weeks ago…

christmas card holder

And now it’s full of fun photos of our friends and family (if you don’t see your photo, it’s up there! It just might be a bit buried).  Thanks for all the cards and warm wishes – it was so good to hear from you!

christmas card holder

And because it is the holidays, I’ll be taking a short break from the blog. Kyle and I will be busy celebrating and giving thanks, but we won’t forget to leave a cookie or two out for Santa tomorrow night…


If Santa doesn’t take it, that large gingerbread man is mine:). I’ve been eyeing him for a few days now – doesn’t he look delicious?

Cheers to you this holiday season! May these next few days be filled with merriment, joy and love.

Quick Change – Ashley's Living Room

This spring, I helped a dear friend of mine spiff up her apartment. I took these photos on my little digital camera (before I purchased the mighty Nikon) and I thought the images were lost for good in the new camera transition, but they live!

Anyway, in short, Ashley wanted to give her place a quick makeover, and after trips to Ikea, Target and Home Goods, we had the supplies to do so. I love this makeover because it’s a great testament to how big of a difference curtains, a new chair and a few accessories can make.

Ashley’s living room BEFORE

Ashley’s living room  AFTER

Isn’t it amazing what a few hundred dollars can do to a room? The room feels warm and fresh, even without any paint on the walls or fancy window treatments (which Ashley couldn’t do anyway because she was renting). We used a number of items she already had. In fact, Ashley kept pulling out fun items that were living in drawers and boxes, just because she hadn’t found the perfect place for them in her new home. The one item we didn’t find on our shopping trip was a rug, but even without that, the space feels much more cohesive.

Thanks Ashley for letting me be your shopping buddy for a day and for sharing your cozy living room with me and my readers!