2013 Fabric Calendars

Quick life update and then I’ll jump into today’s post. We moved this weekend into the “new” house. We are buried in boxes. We are without a kitchen. And last night, we were without hot water. So we are basically camping in chaos. I am searching for some balance and sanity in my life. Anyone know where I can find it? Or have some sanity I can borrow? I have some great house updates and professional pics to share from my birthday, but those will have to wait until the chaos subsides. Today, we are talking fabric calendars….that my dear friend Megan from hi, friend designed.  She has set-up shop on Spoonflower.com and you will die when you see the goods. She has created fabric calendars. Who knew?!


Do you recognize the gilded asian star pattern? Meg designed it for my 30th birthday invite – best gift EVER! The rest of her fabric designs are here. Any favorites? I am thinking I have to buy the asian star pattern and crank out some pillows. And of course, buy a few fat quarter calendar squares as well.

From designer Meg who is a smarty pants when it comes to scale/sizing/ordering…The calendar designs fit pretty well on Spoonflower’s “fat quarter”. The size of the fat quarter varies, depending on your fabric selection, but ranging from only $10.50 to $19 (per fat quarter), it’s pretty affordable if you want to try a few different sizes and/or fabrics.

Cheers to Thanksgiving week!


2 thoughts on “2013 Fabric Calendars

  1. HMC Said:

    Welcome to the world of what we called “Camping with a Mortgage!” Also known as our very own Portland Stimulus Package. Saving Graces for us were paper plates, etc and a hot plate… And then eating at local restaurants in the ‘hood to save our sanity even though it didn’t help the pocketbook :) Doing dishes in a claw foot tub got old, really quick. Just remember, it’s temporary ;)

  2. Katie @ Newcomb Home Said:

    Good luck with the kitchen! Here’s hoping your work goes faster than ours! I don’t have much sanity to loan cause I’m barely holding on myself :) Cooking a grilled cheese with tomato or eggs on a griddle has been a lot of our meals, and the crockpot will become your best friend. And, don’t be ashamed to clean it outside! Those things are hard to clean. Can’t wait to see the updates.


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