A dresser in the making

Remember when I blogged about my hand-me-down dresser? I haven’t forgotten about it, promise.

As it turns out, I was apparently on a white paint terror this weekend. All furniture in our house should’ve made a run for it, because I was having a ball with my paint brush. Besides our staircase, what was I painting? This┬ábeautiful dresser I’d recently inherited from my Momma’s sweet friend…

I painted it. And I had all these plans to go crazy with a paint color or even a design, but when it came down to it, I just decided I like white furniture. A lot. It matches everything, and in a small and old house like we have, it makes rooms look a little bit bigger and fresh. AND, for all you wood furniture fans out there, don’t be mad at me! The dresser had this funky paint and stain on it, so I promise I didn’t paint over pretty wood. I painted over dingy paint, which is something the photos don’t show.

Here’s a quick shot of the dresser with a few coats of white paint in our guest room…

As it turns out, the dresser actually needed five coats of paint. Yes, five. Yikes. It’s safe to say I did A LOT of painting this weekend. Now, it just needs needs knobs and it will be done!

So, about the knobs….I actually have them, but I only have three of them right now, and the dresser needs six. I found the knobs at Anthropologie on sale for $2.95 each. Score. They are called the ripe melon pull and I love the ceramic gourd and the fluted brass. Classy, eh?

The store only had three of the green knobs (they still have white in stock online if you want to grab a few of your own), so the other three are currently in the mail and being sent to me from New Jersey. As soon as I have them in my hands and place them on the dresser, this little baby will be in business. Here’s a sneak peek picture of the dresser today…

I am hoping to have my puurty green knobs by the end of this week, which means this tired dresser will be all dressed up and ready for its grand reveal next week.


9 thoughts on “A dresser in the making

  1. jenn Said:

    Well, you know, once the paint brush is out and dirty, you might as well tackle other projects :) . I’m so excited to see the whole thing … that dresser is just gorgeous!

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  3. Karen Massimino Said:

    Can you tell me the color of the back wall (dark grey) “A dresser in the making” in the first picture? Thank you so much.

    1. kirsten Said:

      Yes! It’s Benjamin Moore’s Copley Grey:).

    2. kirsten Said:

      Hi Karen! Yes, it is Benjamin Moore’s Copley Grey. Thanks:)!

  4. Michele Burnaman Said:

    For future furniture revamps, try Annie Sloan chalk paint. It covers well, is very forgiving, and is easy to work with for faux finishes, though it is not always easy to find and not cheap, but so very worth it…a decorators secret weapon. You can even paint over veneers with it. I love your Anthropologie knobs! You can’t beat a good deal on their stuff!

  5. Jennifer Said:

    I almost purchased those knobs myself! I loooove them!!

  6. [email protected] Said:

    Do you have a tutorial about how you stripped the dresser and got it to it’s current state. I LOVE it!! + would love to know how to achieve that kind of weathered look. Your home is so inspiring!

    1. kirsten Said:

      HI Meg! I wish I had a tutorial, but honestly, it was just hours and hours of scrapping paint. Never will I do it again…at least the end result was worth it:). Thanks for stopping by!


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