About Me – Kirsten Nieman

I am a true, blue Oregonian and adore nearly everything about the Pacific Northwest, including the rain. My husband, Kyle and I bought our first house (a sweet little bungalow in NE Portland) in 2007, and ever since, we’ve been renovating something. A kitchen, a backyard, a basement. You name it, we’ve tackled it. Currently, we’re in the midst of remodeling our second home, a ranch in SW Portland. Every single item in our “new” home is original to the house, making this project our largest renovation to date.

Kirsten Nieman | Restored Style

In short, Restored Style is an excuse for me to do what I love. Renovating/restoring homes is where my heart feels at home. I’m anxious if I’m not measuring, painting, sewing, decorating or dreaming about a project. I believe that renovating, restoring and decorating a home is a hybrid of art and discovery and I’m thankful I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow in this space.

Lastly, here’s a little bit more about me, personally…

Things I love (in no particular order): reading, writing, ponytails, the outdoors, spending time with my husband Kyle, running, being organized, baggy sweat pants, the library, basketball, soccer, long coffee dates with good friends, my wonderful family, exploring new cities, paint colors and pretty fabrics, farmer’s markets, books, being an Auntie, getting letters in the mail, a good workout, happy hours, my pals (they are like sisters to me), weekend getaways, deep conversations about life, trying new recipes, sleeping in on the weekends, girls night out, and the beautiful state of Oregon in general.