Anniversary #2 – cotton

Morning folks!

As I mentioned last week, Kyle and I celebrated our two year anniversary last week. It was a grand time, however, we didn’t exchange gifts as we thought lugging them around in our suitcase wasn’t such a stellar idea.

Since the traditional second anniversary gift is cotton, we decided to go in on a joint gift and order our little abode a pretty cotton throw blanket. Here in the NW, throw blankets aren’t just for looks, we actually put them to good use, so we thought this would be a practical gift for our home too. In my search for a fun and modern throw blanket, I came across in2green’s eco blankets. They are luxurious and funky and come in many colors and patterns.


in2green{both images via}

in2green creates environmentally responsible goodies, and their products are full of color and their patterns are bold and fun. They are a great weight for year-round use (not too heavy and not to light – just right!), and most importantly, they are machine washable – no dry cleaning needed. Also, unlike wool blankets, they are comfy and soft. LOVE! Check out in2green’s designer blankets here.

Cheers to the last week of August…how did that happen?!

One thought on “Anniversary #2 – cotton

  1. jenn Said:

    These are gorgeous …great find! :)


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