August Pinterest Favorites

I know this post is titled “August Pinterest Favorites” but I should really call it “Things I Want To Buy For Myself But Never Will.” The latter title is much more authentic, but I guess I’ll stick with the original one since it’s tradition. A girl can dream, right?

For sources to the above products, follow me on Pinterest here.

2 thoughts on “August Pinterest Favorites

  1. Jenn @ HomeStyleReport Said:

    Oh man, those Frye wedges and watch…dreamy! If you have your eye set on some Frye boots I would hold out until one of the big Nordstrom sales! Mine were a steal and came in at a price I would be willing to pay for another pair of quality leather boots, let alone Frye boots!

  2. Yvonne King Said:

    So crushed that the gold Threshold table is sold out! It would have been perfect for a nightstand. So bummed.


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