Back in action…

And we’re back!

Our little vacation was just what the doctor ordered. It was filled with sunshine, pina coladas, family, Kyle time, reading, sleeping in, eating out and REST. Our summer has been wonderful, but it’s been anything but relaxing, so a trip to Maui with family was just what my soul needed. I’ll share photos later this week, although I’m afraid there’s nothing too exciting to share. Relaxing days = many uneventful photos. Kyle and I did celebrate our two year anniversary this past weekend, so that’s sorta exciting, right? Here’s us all dolled up and ready for a night on the town in Hawaii in honor of two years of marriage…

Alrighty then, back to blogging!

Perhaps I have soap on the brain because my whole house needs a serious scrub, but I just can’t get over these beautiful bon bon soaps from Murphy & Daughters. It’s all about the packaging, and boy is it pretty!

How perfect would these be for a little housewarming gift or a sweet pal’s birthday? Or in a guest room welcome basket? So perfect!

As for purchasing these darling bon bon soaps, I’m still hunting down a shop online. Anthropologie recently sold these soaps, but it appears they are out of inventory. I did stumble upon a store overseas that sells them – visit Lark here. I’m still on the lookout for a U.S.- based store – any ideas, friends?

Cheers to August and the sunshine this month brings!

2 thoughts on “Back in action…

  1. [email protected] Blue Said:

    Hope you had a great trip! I have the same dress in cobalt blue…love it!

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