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Morning, folks!

This will be a short and sweet post, as I’m gearing up for Restored Style’s anniversary week, which begins tomorrow. I hope you’ll come on by to enter to win some lovely goods. I am so excited about the items I’ve gathered to giveaway:).

Remember when I told you I had a painting mishap? Truth be told, I was so angry and bitter about it that I wasn’t able to blog about it with a level head until now. So here’s the story…Kyle and I have painted our entire house inside and out (no joke) and numerous furniture items. Therefore, because I feel like I have spent half my life painting, I have a love/hate relationship with this task. So when I get a paintbrush in my hand and get motivated to paint, watch out.

A few weekends ago, I finally got my butt in gear and painted the bookcase we had built in our basement. First of all, painting a bookcase is hard. There’s lots of nooks and crannies and it’s just not a quick job. I spent hours painting our bookcase and I felt so accomplished when I was done! So much so that after telling Kyle I finally finished the entire job, we went downstairs to admire my work. What did we find? I had painted the ENTIRE bookcase the wrong color! AHHHH! How did this happen? Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak (the basment wall color) is only two shades darker than Benjamin Moore’s White Dove (the basment trim/bookshelf color), and it really, truly, looks like the same color when it’s wet. But not when it’s dry. Upon this realization, I didn’t cry. I just wanted to punch a wall. I thought about the expensive paint I had wasted, my precious Sunday afternoon I had wasted…and the thought of painting the entire bookcase again made my stomach turn. Luckily, Kyle put the whole situation into perspective and I was able to shake off my angry mood. Lesson learned: no matter what the paint looks like in the can, check the top of the can for the name of the paint! Today, I painted over my mistake and I can finally show you an updated photo of the basement bookshelf. It still needs to be caulked in certain places and touched up for sure, but it’s almost done. Hallelujah!





Nearly Complete



The paint is still wet and the no-carpet-business makes it still look like a basement, but I’m hopeful that when we carpet the stairs and actually place items in the bookshelf, it will look more like a room. Three cheers for getting rid of the creepy basement!

One last reminder…Restored Style is turning 1 tomorrow…hope to see you around the blog:).

4 thoughts on “Basement Bookshelf Update

  1. Gloria Said:

    Virtual High five here! Yay! Bust out the pencil and scratch it off the list! Way to push through! I HATE painting bookcases. I spent my weekend painting my kitchen cabinets, I can’t imagine how frustrated I would be if I painted them the wrong color. I would probly turn into Chris Farley from the Columbian Coffee Crystals skit OR the Incredible Hulk, just pick the one you’ve seen, and that would be me.

  2. Kati @ so happy home Said:

    I completely feel your pain. Having just recently painted a built-in shelving unit myself, I know how time consuming and physically demanding those projects are. But, at least now you can call yourself a full-fledged painting expert! Looks great. And happy pre-birthday! Congratulations!

  3. traceyf68 Said:

    Looking really good there Kirstin! I hate painting those little nooks and crannies, they are such a pain. I’m looking forward to the big reveal.


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