Basement Built-In Progress

Morning, friends.

I hope┬áthe weekend treated you well. Mine was filled with dinner with old college friends (there’s really nothing better than old besties), a run in the sun, a few garage sales, Target (I somehow spent less than $20!) and supervising a little basement project, which I am sharing with you today…

We started out with a very scary and creepy area underneath our basement staircase. It took the cake for creepiness. I’ll let the photos do the talking:


And with the doors open – yikes!


And now torn down to the studs…


Scary, right? Something had to be done, and even though we are usually up for a little DIY action, this job was totally above our heads. So we hired a woodworker, and after one day of work, the area looked like this:


And after today, our built-in staircase storage just needs to be primed and painted and then it will be complete! Here’s where we are at:


We’ll be busy priming and painting the entire bookshelf this week (Benajmin Moore’s White Dove, of course), but I couldn’t wait to show you our nearly completed stair storage progress. And of course, I have ants in my paints to style this bookshelf. I’m thinking lots of storage baskets and such. Any other ideas?

When completed, I’ll take much better photos with the mighty Nikon, and I have other fun basement updates for you later this week.

Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “Basement Built-In Progress

  1. traceyf68 Said:

    That looks totally awesome! You are really lucky to be able to turn that “scary” area into such a beautiiful feature for your room. Unfortunately, my “scary” area contains our hot water heater and therefore will remain as it is…forever! :(

  2. Pine Tree Home Said:

    That’s amazing. I know you are going to love the storage area.

  3. Jess Said:

    Oh wow! It is going to look awesome!

  4. Kati @ so happy home Said:

    It’s amazing how much bigger that area looks in the after photo! Nice work! And you mustn’t forget to add a bit of sparkle or sheen to the styling… something reflective (glass, metal, etc.) with your baskets, books and whatnot will look amazing. Good luck painting!

  5. Samantha Said:

    Love it! I just pinned a picture of under-the-stairs storage!! I can’t wait to see how you finish this room out!

  6. Jenn Said:

    Looks amazing! That going to be such a great storage space!


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