Basement color: Benjamin Moore's Pale Oak

Ben’s done it again.

He makes me never want to buy cheap paint. He lures me in, makes me fall in love, and laughs all the way to the bank. Darn him!

After much debate, we’ve  landed on Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak for our basement. It’s the perfect light grey/beige mixture and it’s versatile, but not boring. Here’s a few rooms I found online that have been blessed by Pale Oak.

ben moore pale oak


Benjamin moore pal oak


And here’s the official swatch from Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

 Furbish Home explains this color perfectly:

“Benjamin Moore Pale Oak: Linen lovers take note. Pale oak is the perfect color for a modern rustic vibe. It works amazingly well with all the various shades of natural linen, taupe, and grey. Clients who love a more modern feeling gravitate to this color and I have used it in my studio space at Furbish.”

And of course, I will surely post pictures once the paint is actually on our walls. Thank you Ben for being such a reliable choice:).

8 thoughts on “Basement color: Benjamin Moore's Pale Oak

  1. Alissa Said:

    Wow what a beautiful color! I love linen – I’m definitely going to have to keep pale oak in mind for the future!

  2. Katie Said:

    Am painting a living room in Pale Oak now…would love to know what white trim goes best with it…can’t figure out if BM White Dove wouldn’t be bright enough…paint guy says to go with Super White..I’m not sure

    1. kirsten neiman Said:

      Hi Katie! I think either white will be nice. I used white dove next to the pale oak and it did the trick for me. I think it’s just a personal opinion:). Good luck!

  3. Nancy Said:

    How would pale oak look as a trim color for crown, baseboards and interior doors?

  4. Rachael Said:

    I am so in love with Pale Oak. After buying oodles of paint samples that I didn’t end up liking, my husband ended up picking this color. All I can say is wow- the color is just something else. Sometimes it’s white, sometimes it’s green, sometimes gray but it’s always lovely, modern and elegant. It started in the den, now it’s in the kitchen paired with BM Chantilly Lace trim (awesome bright white) and Galvaston Gray. I may even bring it into the living room. It goes with so many colors!!!

  5. Christine Said:

    How does Pale Oak contrast with white trim? I love this color, but I want to make sure it will actually contrast with moulding

  6. Dani H Said:

    Is there a pink hue to Pale Oak? It seems very neutral, and on the warmer side. I’m looking to put it in my son’s nursery, but want to make sure there isn’t a pink hue to it, because obviously he will not have pinks in there. I’m looking for a light, neutral gray with a warm undertone. There will be gray, greens, and browns in his room.


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