Basement Fabric Options

Last week I revealed my basement design board, and this weekend I began to really flush out a few fabric options. Did I tell you I took your advice and went with the blue striped fabric for the ottoman? Well I did, and that’s the one fabric you’ll see in all 3 of the fabric options below.

So once again, I am asking for your help – what’s your favorite option below? Honest opinions only please! And if you hate all of them, please tell me what I am missing!

Option 1

Basement fabric Option 1

Option 2

Basement colors Option 2

Option 3


Basement colors Option 3

Anything you hate/love? Or rather, do you have a favorite fabric that might go well with any of the above options? Do share! Thanks in advance, readers:).

16 thoughts on “Basement Fabric Options

  1. Kati @ so happy home Said:

    I like option 2 for the mix of geometrics and botanicals, with a nice sense of balance and scale. But I like that deep navy print in options 1 and 3… I’m not into the double stripe in option 3, but that’s just me. Definitely don’t dig the large print in option 1 – just not my scene. So, maybe option 2 plus the navy print for a little depth and intensity?

  2. jenn Said:

    I really like #1 the best, and I think it’s because of the pops of green in the floral fabric.

  3. Jamie Said:

    I love option #1. The leaf fabric adds an extra burst of color!

  4. Lauren Said:

    Also like #1!!

  5. Kara Said:

    I love option #1! The leaf fabric is awesome!

  6. Sara Smith Said:

    Option #1!!

  7. hmc Said:

    Option 1! Except, i would swap the bright blue in the bottom right hand corner for the chevron lighter blue print in the bottom corner of #2. How fun!!

  8. karrie Said:

    I love option #2! Could you include the fabric names in a future post? Love your work!

  9. Lauren Bryan Said:

    I really like option #1! It’s the floral fabric that seals the deal for me! Oh lets face it…I like all the swatches of #1! Good luck!

  10. Lila Said:

    Love all your fabric choices. Must admit that I am partial to Option 2, great mix of patterns and stripes. GREAT colors.

  11. traceyf68 Said:

    Hands down on #1!! I agree with everyone else who mentioned how that floral just pops. Btw, just found your blog and I am loving it…your kitchen is the cutest thing ever!!

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