Bathroom Cafe Curtains – complete!

Remember when I posted my no sew curtains blog? Well, stitch witchery and I have been at it again, but this time, I’ve created little cafe curtains for our bathroom. Goodbye, plastic blinds.


I ordered the fabric from and I was really pleased when it arrived in the mail. It was very thick and quality fabric, for only $10.98 a yard. It’s called Wavery Sun N Shade Lovely Lattice in citrine and I would absolutely order it again. Buying fabric online can be tricky, because you can’t exactly get a feel for the color or the overall texture of the fabric, but this time I lucked out, and it’s a great color for the bathroom.


Here’s a quick before and after for you…





And there you have it…a little quick change project that you can complete in less than an hour!

7 thoughts on “Bathroom Cafe Curtains – complete!

  1. Leila Said:

    How cute! I love it! You have inspired me to finish the 2 windows in our bathroom…which are now covered by black plastic trashbags, classy…!

  2. Cozy.Cottage.Cute. Said:

    I agree that the fabric turned out perfectly. I just ordered some and I thought it was white but it’s more of an ivory colour. Nooooo!

    So glad yours turned out. And those cafe curtains add so much fun to that window (compared to the blinds).

  3. Grace Said:

    They look fantastic. I love the fabric and am impressed that you managed to make them without sewing.

  4. Stevie Said:

    Where did you purchase the hardware to hang your cafe curtain? I love the antique look of it.

  5. LeeAnn Said:

    What is the wall color/brand in your bathroom? It’s beautiful!

    1. kirsten Said:

      Thanks! It is Georgian green by benjamin Moore:)!

  6. christine Said:

    Quick question: how much wider than your window did you make the panel width?


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