Bedding Option #1

Morning! Hooray for fourth of July fun! It was finally sunny here in Portland yesterday and we soaked up every last ray. We are so ready for summer around these parts. And ice cream, flip flops, BBQ’s, and everything else summer entails – bring it on.

Since everyone had such lovely bed frame opinions for me, it’s time to ask your opinion on bedding. There are so, so many options out there. I truly can’t choose. Every store, website, and etsy page has something new for me to covet – how do I possibly decide? So for the next few weeks, I’ll be putting bedding options together and I’m hoping you’ll weigh in on which option is your favorite. I didn’t denote this in the board below, but these items would all be paired with crisp white sheets. Without further ado, here’s bedding option #1..

And in case anyone is interested, here is the source info: AB, C, D, and E.

Anyone have a linen duvet cover? If so, spill the dirt!

9 thoughts on “Bedding Option #1

  1. Ashley Said:

    This is a gorgeous “set”! I especially love the Williams Sonoma throw and the John Robshaw pillow case. Lovely!

  2. TraceyF Said:

    LOL…these items were the first thing I saw on Pinterest when I logged on this morning. I love the look!!

  3. Kayleigh Said:

    I love the throw pillows and the throw. Oh, and the sheets! Oh my! I’m not too crazy on the idea of linen though. I love linen clothes but don’t know about sleeping in it. Plus wouldn’t it get extra wrinkley all the time?? Just my thought!!

  4. Susa Said:

    Love the throw!! As for linen, I love the feel of soft cotton, very soft, like washed a million times soft, so linen sounds to stiff for myself.
    Enjoy your day…glad the sun finally came out in Portland!!

  5. Brianna Said:

    I have linen sheets and absolutely love them! I was just looking for a nice linen duvet to tie it all together. As a hot sleeper I like anything that will help keep me cooler. I love B- that pillow would jump right off the bed with white sheets!

  6. Jennifer I. Said:

    I want to hear more about how linen sheets feel! I love those John Robshaw pillow cases and the Giorgio stripe european pillows (though my dogs – think 35 lbs or less – would never agree with a pillow that white since they’re spoiled rotten and allowed in the bed). I’m pretty sure I have bed envy and can’t wait to see you put this together!

  7. Megan Clark Said:

    I have a duvet cover (Pottery Barn) that’s velvet on one side and linen on the other. I haven’t slept in that bed since I got it all set up (guest room) so all I can tell you is that it looks pretty! I am concerned with how it may wrinkle, but we’ll see.

  8. Sarah Leibman Said:

    I LOVE our linen duvet cover! We purchased it at Restoration Hardware and it is heaven! It is so unbelievably soft and is the perfect combination of warm in the winter and cool and breathable in the summer. YES it is wrinkled, all the time. It’s linen, so you have to be okay with that. With our striped crisp sheets and pillows though, it still looks pulled together while beckoning you to curl up. Quite frankly it’s nice to be able to throw it from the washer and dryer right on the bed and not have to care! :) anyways, as you can see, I’d highly suggest it!


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