Before & After: outdoor chairs

I’d been spying these old and worn chairs for awhile. They were hiding in my neighbor’s backyard, and were begging for some TLC. I love the retro lines of these chairs, and they were actually in really good shape, minus all the grim.

After some serious TSP action, I successfully wiped away layers upon layers of dust. I let the chairs dry for a bit (TSP is strong stuff) and then began to spray them with the one-and-only Rust-Oleum. It’s the only spray paint I use and it’s great stuff. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking from here…

Ta-Da! That’s it. There’s really no step-by-step instructions here because it’s that easy – clean and spray. Two cans of spray paint later, the chairs are a matte red and look practically brand new.

Hooray for salvaged junk and new backyard chairs:).

5 thoughts on “Before & After: outdoor chairs

  1. Pine Tree Home Said:

    amazing find. I love the look of those chairs and can imagine sipping lemonade checking out the sunset.

  2. [email protected] Said:

    So fun!

  3. Eilleen Said:

    I love these kinds of chairs!! I use to have a bunch of them growing up but now everywhere I see them for sale they’re so incredibly expensive!

  4. Parvaneh Said:

    Kir! Derek just saw your pictures and said “I powder coat those all the time! Clam Shell retro chairs.” He could powder coat your next clam shell project in a second and they wont chip! Free is another good word too. ;) Super cute!!!


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