{Before} Our Home Exterior

I know you guys haven’t seen the “before” photos of the exterior of our home, but truth be told, we could hardly see the exterior of our home either. Kyle and I bought the house from the original owners, and clearly, the landscaping was original as well. The bushes were so big we could barely even see what we were working with.

This is what we saw, which wasn’t much…

exterior_Nov3 exterior_Nov

And now, after lots and lots and lots of hours spent in the yard, we can finally see our home.

exterior_before exterior_before4




When it comes to the yard, Kyle means business. And I love that about him. He’s worked so hard on our 3 lawns (yes, we now have 3!), and the place is finally in a state where we can re-landscape it. We were of course sad to say goodbye to a few plants in the jungle, but everything was just WAAAAY too big for the space, and it had to go. We couldn’t see out our windows, and the bushes were literally sitting on our roof. Not a good look. Kyle was extra motivated to get the yard under control because we are painting the exterior of our house this summer. Yes, painting. I seriously dream of paint because that’s all I do these days.

What color are we painting the house? We have yet to decide, but I’ve narrowed down our options to 3 final colors. More to come on that next week.

Happy weekend to you!

6 thoughts on “{Before} Our Home Exterior

  1. Jenn @ Home Style Report Said:

    You guys have worked hard! Your home is so cute! Can’t wait to see which color you ended up going with! Will you be painting your garage doors as well?

    1. kirsten neiman Said:

      Thanks Jenn! We will be painting our garage doors – a dark color I believe:). Stay-tuned! Choosing paint colors is never easy…

  2. sandrine Said:

    The house looks so great, i cannot wait see the end results

  3. Jenn Said:

    Those plants were eating your house! Wow – so huge ! I am impressed, that looks like so much work, but it looks great now. Even pre-landscaping! :)

  4. Michelle Said:

    So much work!! Now your house can breathe! Looks great!

  5. Lila Smyth Said:

    I love big projects like this. The change is so immediate and rewarding. We are getting our backyard together bit by bit and I can’t quite figure out how to show the small steps, but it is exciting nonetheless. I bet you have so much more natural light inside! Love it.


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