Benjamin Moore's Georgian Green

Not sure what got into me last night, but I painted my little heart out after a full days work. The bathroom needed a facelift and paint does wonders when it comes to a quick fix. Benjamin Moore’s Georgian Green was the color I choose and it’s green and I like it. Our bathroom was already green (I don’t know what color it was exactly because the owners before us painted the room) so it’s actually a fairly similar color to what we already had.

georgian green

Here’s a quick instagram photo I snapped once all the painting was complete. Of course, the room looks much more like the above color than the one in the photo below. Figures. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as bright as it looks.

More photos of the bathroom to come soon:)…

6 thoughts on “Benjamin Moore's Georgian Green

  1. Parvaneh Said:

    Good work, it looks great! I bet you feel so much better now. ;)

  2. jenn Said:

    Haha! If I were flying out of town this weekend, I’d be running around like crazy trying to get ready. You? You paint your bathroom :) . Love it!

    1. kirsten Said:

      Ohhh, Jenn! Don’t be fooled. I AM running around like a nut. It’s chaos:)! XOXO

  3. Michelle Said:

    I agree paint does do wonders and I love the color green you chose- it’s so refreshing! Can’t wait to see more pic!

  4. Lila Said:

    I love green, especially in spring. Great pattern on the curtain too!

  5. Christy Said:

    Wow – looks great! Don’t know how you have energy to do that “after” work!!


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