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{Introducing} Schoolhouse Electric’s Fall Line

Deep breaths. Today is the culmination of one of the biggest projects of my entire life. Schoolhouse Electric’s fall line launches today, and it’s been one of those all-consuming, but incredibly rewarding experiences. I don’t create the products, but I do market the goods. This means photo shoots, copy revisions, marketing collateral, product tags, email blasts, catalog production, website updates, and everything else in between. Like ohhhh so many things. There were times I thought I wouldn’t live to tell this tale, but thankfully, I did.

Anyway, now it’s time for the fun part! I finally get to share a few of my very favorite things with you today…

Can’t live without some of these goodies? Me neither. Check out Schoolhouse Electric’s website for   the details. Also, the fall catalog (eeeeeek!) will be in mailboxes this week, and if you’d like to request one, email [email protected]


Flower Share Week #1

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Anna Mara flowers is offering a flower share in Portland. I’m a sucker for fresh flowers, so you can bet my name was on the list. Last week I picked up my first bouquet of red peonies and vibernum and arranged them in an old mason jar, and I had a pretty centerpiece for an entire week. Love.

Nothing like fresh and local flowers. Happy Thursday, friends!

Second Bathroom Design Board

Morning, friends!

It seems like our house renovation is either at a stand-still, or we have too many projects to handle. Isn’t that how life works though? I mentioned last week that we’re tackling the fireplace, and we’re also currently renovating our guest/second bathroom.

Here’s the quick designed board I drew up…and we’re running with it!

Restored Style guest bathroom

The original board I created for this room is below, and the plan has changed quite a bit. Why? Because after living here for 6 months, I’ve realized this bathroom is very dark, and it needs lots of light and bright colors. In other words, white needs to be the main shade in this window-less bathroom.

guest bathroom design board from Restored Style

I also played around with wallpaper options, but it ended up being too spendy to move forward with. One day, I WILL have a room full of wallpaper, it’s just not going to be in this particular space:(.

Tomorrow, I’ll post plenty of “before” bathroom photos. This might be the most righteous room in the house, as it currently has pink countertops, 19th century beauty salon cartoon wallpaper (no joke), and linoleum floors. Once again, everything in this room is original to the home. I think we’re seeing a pattern here…this house is as original as it gets.

Flower Share + Anna Mara Flowers

Hi friends! Portland has been experiencing incredible weather lately. Think blue skies, warm temperatures…life around this city exists again. Yes!

You know those things you list off when you play that game….if money grew on trees, I would buy….well, one of the things I would buy is fresh flowers. All. The. Time. They make a house feel like a home. And of course, they are pretty and smell nice too. For these reasons, and many more, I’m super excited to tell fellow Portlanders about Anna Mara’s flower share program.

portland flower share



Here are the details:

Who: YOU!

What: 10 weeks of 10 fresh, seasonal bouquet of local flowers

Where: Pick up at Anna Mara Flowers (2181 NW Nicolai St, Portland OR) or at Near East Yoga (707 NE Broadway #206, Portland OR)

When: Every Wednesday, for 10 weeks, beginning on May 15th (perfect timing to give this as a gift for Mother’s Day!)

Cost: $150 for 10 bouquets for 10 weeks

Why: Because you and your home deserve it! AND it’s a great way to see what’s growing around us seasonally

How: Call Anna and  her lovely team at the shop (503.758.4986) to reserve your spot in the flower share

flower share

If this isn’t a brilliant idea, I don’t know what is. Word on the street is that there will be peonies, sweetpeas, poppy pods, and whatever else happens to be in season. This share supports local growers and local florists – a win, win for all. You can bet my name is on the flower share list…can’t wait to bring home my first bouquet next week!