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Schoolhouse Electric Sample Sale

I’m totally going to be up front about this and admit that I’m obviously biased and promoting my own cause in this post, but you’d all be missing out on a killer sale if I didn’t share the news. This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Schoolhouse Electric is having its first-ever sample sale. We’ve been busy dusting off samples and pricing products, and by this weekend, we’ll be ready to sell some goodies at some really reasonable prices.


We have accessories, pillows, sheets, lighting fixtures, and practically everything else in between for sale. And selfishly, I’ll be working the sale on Friday and Saturday, so I’d love visitors. If we haven’t met before, please come and say hello. I truly enjoy meeting new people and putting faces to blogs and just getting to know new folks…so I hope to see a few of you this weekend!




Wallpaper Options

It’s Friday, friends! Can I get a heck yes?

In true Kirsten form, I’m jumping from room to room on you. I know I haven’t yet revealed our master bathroom (it’s done – just need some photos!), but my mind is now on our second bathroom. It’s going to be a much easier renovation project than our master bathroom was, so I’m hopeful we’ll be up for tackling it in the next couple of months.

This week, I visited my sweet and lovely friend Mandy at VanillaWood  and we chatted about wallpaper. Like tile and paint colors, the options are endless. Mandy helped me navigate the land of wallpaper and I took home a few samples I’m pretty pumped about. I have a feeling I’ll be back for more, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

These are the four samples I brought home. Any favorites?! I numbered the below photo so you can easily shout-out a selection in the comment section below – opinions, please! I should let you know I’m thinking board and batten on the lower half of the walls, and wallpaper on the upper half. That’s why I feel like I can go a bit more bold, as only half of the room will be wallpaper. Also, this bathroom needs to be both a guest bath and a kids bath (someday), so I have to be really careful and play to both sides. It’s rather tricky, but I know a versatile wallpaper is out there that’s meant for us.





I’m all over the place, like usual. Help!

{Updated} Our Cozy Kitchen Corner


With so, so, so many rooms and nooks to renovate in this home (which translates to blog content for years!), I’m trying to focus on little successes and finding projects that I can actually finish. I’ve always found that piecing together spaces takes muuuuuch longer to complete than anticipated, so when even a corner of a room feels put together, I’m a happy camper. This is certainly the case with the odd extra space we have in our kitchen area in front of our island and next to our entry way.  It’s done and decorated, which means I can share this corner with you!

Let me back up by showing you what the space looked liked a few months ago…

Kitchen Nook - Restored Style

Kitchen Nook - Restored Style

I knew I wanted to create a comfortable sitting area with big, comfy chairs…the kind you can really curl up in. However, I didn’t have a color or style of chair in mind. I just knew I wanted them to be BIG. We looked high and low for chairs (both used and new) and we did come across some really amazing chairs. The problem was  always price. Two chairs can easily be more expensive than a sofa, so we felt stuck. But then, a boutique PDX home store named Manor Fine Wares had a crazy sale, and somehow we scored two awesome chairs for the price of one. YES.

kitchen nook by restored style

We brought the chairs home and they are crazy comfortable. I love the texture of the fabric and again, the scale of these chairs is  just what we had in mind. With the chairs in place,  I dusted off a rug, a few accessories, and a brass lamp we already had. We were in business.

kitchen nook by restored style

kitchen nook by restored style

We also placed a plaque above the chairs that Kyle’s Grandpa personally built many years ago and attached deer horns that also belonged to him on the piece. I truly adore items that have a story to tell, and I’m so glad we can have a piece of Kyle’s family in this room.

restored style nook


kitchen nook by restored style

And then, the lonely and empty area suddenly became this…

kitchen nook by restored style


kitchen nook by restored style

Now, who wants to come and have tea with me in our new chairs?


February Pinterest Favorites

After I complained about how long and dark and gloomy January was, I’m happy to say February seemed to fly by in a flash!   And that means its time for this month’s Pinterest favorites…

And yes, somehow that scarf from J. Crew is more than $200. What the what? For sources to the above goodies, follow me on Pinterest here.