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Around the House…

Morning friends and happy Friday!

We’ve finally been able to unpack a few boxes lately and it’s like Christmas. Just yesterday I found my “home decor” box and I literally screamed with delight. All of my little home treasures that I packed away last May were hiding in there, and it was so fun to unwrap each little object. It was like going shopping, but for free!

On that note, here are a few around the house shots. Design is in the details, so I thought I’d share a handful of photos of a few items that make our house feel like home.







Cheers to the weekend! Guess what we’ll be talking about on Monday? Our new fireplace built-in. Yesssss.

Alive + Well

Friends! Family! Hi. It is so lovely to see you again. I do apologize for the silence. I forgot to inform you that I’m in the process of giving Restored Style a much needed face lift. I’m bringing this website up to par with our 2013 web-savvy expectations. It is an exciting time, but a busy time. So long 2010 – hello new WordPress world!

so long

Instead of writing blog posts, I’ve been dedicating my time to drafting updated copy, redesigning the entire interface, and bringing you guys more of what you want. I think (and hope) you will be delighted with the outcome. I’m unsure of when the new website will launch, but I will surely keep you posted.

Meantime, I owe you plenty of updates. Exciting things are happening around this house. We even started hanging a few art pieces, which is when the fun really begins. Stick with me….I will be back soon.

Thanks for the emails and comments too – appreciate you all checking up on me!

Be back soon, I promise:).

{Updated} Entry Way Bench + Shelf

Morning! We are in the dead of winter here and this grayness is taking its toll on me. Like big-time. It was cold, rainy and just plain blah here this weekend. I guess there’s no excuse for getting inside house projects done, right?! I know it will be March before we know it but January is one long (and gray!) month in Portland…

One of the many challenging parts about moving into a new place is trying to find a home for each furniture piece. Items that fit perfectly in our old bungalow have either settled in here nicely, or really don’t fit anywhere in our new space. I smell another garage sale this summer…

Anyway, one of the pieces I’m incredibly thankful we can continue to use in our new home is the entry way bench and shelf that my sweet in-laws had made for us a few years ago. This piece is crazy practical and works hard for us. It houses our hats, gloves, shoes and other random items such as scarfs, purses, and keys. Whatever I don’t want to lose, I place on the bench.

This is what it looked like in our last home…


As you can see, it was black. As of last week, it’s now the same color of our island (Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe) thanks to some leftover paint and an afternoon spent painting. Since the bench is going in the same large room as our island, we thought it would be nice if both of these pieces were the same color.

Here’s the space before we brought in the bench/shelf (the kitchen is on the left). It needs something in the corner, don’t ya think?

entry way bench

And here’s the space with the updated entry way piece (sorry for the poor photos in advance)…

entry way bench

entry way bench

entry way bench

Again, the photos are poor – it was so dark in the room due to our lovely weather:(. I’m still unpacking boxes and trying to find my baskets for the upper shelves, so obviously the piece has yet to be fully styled. But at least it’s painted and in place. A small success!

{Styled} Cupcake Vineyards Video Shoot with Matt Moore


Nearly a month ago, I had the opportunity to style a shoot with New York Times bestselling author Matt Moore. Matt’s book, Have Her Over For Dinnerprovides tips for gents to create simple meals for hosting a dinner date. It’s genius. Together with Cupcake Vineyards, Matt shares his favorite recipes and tips via a Valentine’s Day microsite and a series of six videos. I was lucky enough to be in on this fun project, and just this week, the Cupcake Vineyards Valentine’s Day microsite went live, and I’m finally able to share some photos and details with you!

The day began early – prepping for six videos in one day is no small task. There were flowers to arrange, food to prep/style, and scenes to set. Luckily, in between a few of the first shots I remembered to grab my camera, but I’m afraid I only took a few photos as I was a busy bee from start to finish of the shoot.

cupcake vineyards

cupcake vineyards

cupcake vineyards

cupcake vineyards

cupcake vineyards

One of my favorite styled scenes was in Matt’s “Table Setting” video where I had the chance to create a mini tablescape. I like the wax dripping from the candles….total accident. Love when that happens!

Matt was just as darling and lovely in person as he apppears on camera. He was professional, funny, and embarrassed all the ladies in the kitchen with his top-notch cooking skills. I not only learned a thing or two about cooking (anyone ever heard of a ricer before?!), but I also learned that a delicious home-cooked meal doesn’t have to take lots of time.

Friends, if any of your men need help and/or hints in the kitchen…direct them to these videos. Matt’s the king of no-fail dinner dates. Promise. Special thanks to Matt and the Cupcake Vineyards team, and cheers to a fabulous Valentine’s Day (it’s only 3 weeks away)!