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Our kitchen…so close!

I owe you a kitchen remodel update. I also owe you a bathroom remodel update, but let’s stick with the kitchen remodel for now. Deal? Thus far, we’ve chatted about our marble countertops, our cabinet installation, and our hardwood floors. And let’s not forget about where we started. Now, let’s talk tile. We went with counter to ceiling white subway tile  with delorean gray grout. It’s a lot of tile, but it’s clean and subtle enough that it doesn’t take over the room. The island will do most of the talking in this kitchen, so once that’s in (it’s only halfway installed in the photos), I’m hoping it will steal the show. All in all, the kitchen is a functioning space, and you can see the outline of where we’re going. Perhaps it actually looks like a kitchen?! I was dealing with some mad sun in these photos, so they aren’t the best, but again, hopefully you can get an idea of how things are shaping up…

Kitchen Remodel Progress

Kitchen Remodel Progress

Kitchen Remodel Progress

Kitchen Remodel Progress

Kitchen Remodel Progress

What’s still to come? Let’s see if I can remember all that’s still in store…

1.) Installation of cabinet faces/hardware

2.) Installation of open shelving

3.) Paint wood windows

4.) Trim

5.) Final coat on wood floors

6.) Installation of island – only half is in place in the photos

7.) Installation of butcher block island top

8.) Decor, decor, decor!

Oh yes, and the unpacking of dozens of kitchen boxes is in store too. Ugh. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Sometimes I hesitate sharing these photos as there’s still much to do to make it look like an actual kitchen, but hopefully you can see the potential in this room:).

Right around the bend…2013

You may have noticed…I’m taking a much needed break from the blog. At times, 2012 was overwhelming. To the point of tears overwhelming. A full-time job, a large scale home remodel, a wonderful side design business, and a few other things (moving 3 times, planning parties, trying to be a good wife/friend/daughter) were too much to handle at once. I learned my lesson. Mark my words – 2013 will be the year of balance, and hopefully some change too. I have a long list of goals and high hopes for the coming year, and I’m sure I’ll delve into some of those items on this little blogitty blog.

As you ring in the new year, bask in the opportunity that 2013 brings. New life. New adventures. New challenges.

A great year it will be…I’m so glad I get to share it with you guys! Cheers to 2013 and all that lies ahead.

Kitchen Progress

Friends.There’s much to be said about our kitchen. It’s coming together. We have running water! We have a countertop! All of this means we are creeping towards a new kitchen…

Let’s rewind. Here’s where we started…

After demolition…

A clean slate…

Progress – new floors (unstained)…

New layout…

And a faucet and sink…

And yes, there’s a large island going in the center of that kitchen. It’s set to arrive Thursday. Hallelujah! I’ll be revealing the countertops later this week…stay-tuned!

Merry, Merry!

Due to of all the construction going on around here, my holiday decorating has been practically non-existent. Sad! I’ve actually been too busy to mourn the loss of my Christmas decor, or any decor for that matter. In fact, it’s been nice to have an excuse to keep it simple this year – more time to focus on the things that are important like family and friends.

I thought I’d do some e-decorating and looks back through a few batches of old holiday decor photos…

holiday tablescape

holiday tablescape

christmas decor

christmas decor

christmas decor

And, for those of you looking for a few last minute DIY gifts this year, don’t forget about our DIY lemoncello and free labels

And our Merry Mixer recipes and downloadable template!

Merry Mixers

The holidays are surely here – let’s enjoy them while they last!