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November Pinterest Favorites

We all knew this would happen….November came and went in a flash. Especially for us as we managed to move three different times. I’m so, so ready to feel settled, be remodel free (for awhile at least!) and celebrate the holidays. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite pins from November!





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Cheers to December!

Wood floors: stained + ready for action

Did you ever have so much going on in your brain that you feel like it’s only halfway functioning? My mind is like a bogged down computer and it’s running sloooooow. And that’s a shame because there’s no time to waste. We have a serious remodel on our hands.

Last I left you on the wood floor project was that the new floors had been installed and a stain choice needed to be made. After much debate, we chose the stain in the far left corner (closet to the photographer)…the lightest one. Who would’ve thought? I knew it would darken over time (so I didn’t want to go too dark), and I also know I’m not the cleanest of the bunch, so lighter seemed to fit us better. And of course, I loved the look as well.

Just to recap the floor journey, we went from this…

To this…

To this…

I am happy to report we are in LOVE! Whew. It truly was a stressful decision, but both Kyle and I (without talking to each other) landed on the same stain color, so we were hopeful we’d both be happy with the end result. The floors look a little red in the first photo, but I can assure you they are not. The floors also look dusty, and I can assure you they are. The final seal won’t go on the floors until all the renovating is complete (so we can cover any mishaps that might happen in the next remodeling phase) and once the top coat is on, they will look shiny and new:). The folks at Union Floor Co. did a killer job and we are incredibly thankful for their attention to detail and for crafting a customized stain that’s perfect for us.

What does this room currently look like? A mess. One big dusty mess.

Gotta keep it real, right? Remodeling is hectic and messsssy.

Next up: paint updates! No rest for the wicked.

The Big 3-0

Morning! My brain is buzzing with “new” house updates that I must share with you, but until I get my act together and get some photos uploaded, I thought I’d share a few professional 30th birthday photos! Again, the talented Lisa Teso  snapped the below photos, and I’m so grateful she was there to capture the evening.

Okay, I promise I only have ONE more 30th birthday post left in me…as I must share a few details about the decor, guests, and evening.

I promise I have a few good house photos up my sleeve for you all this week – stay-tuned!

2013 Fabric Calendars

Quick life update and then I’ll jump into today’s post. We moved this weekend into the “new” house. We are buried in boxes. We are without a kitchen. And last night, we were without hot water. So we are basically camping in chaos. I am searching for some balance and sanity in my life. Anyone know where I can find it? Or have some sanity I can borrow? I have some great house updates and professional pics to share from my birthday, but those will have to wait until the chaos subsides. Today, we are talking fabric calendars….that my dear friend Megan from hi, friend designed.  She has set-up shop on and you will die when you see the goods. She has created fabric calendars. Who knew?!


Do you recognize the gilded asian star pattern? Meg designed it for my 30th birthday invite – best gift EVER! The rest of her fabric designs are here. Any favorites? I am thinking I have to buy the asian star pattern and crank out some pillows. And of course, buy a few fat quarter calendar squares as well.

From designer Meg who is a smarty pants when it comes to scale/sizing/ordering…The calendar designs fit pretty well on Spoonflower’s “fat quarter”. The size of the fat quarter varies, depending on your fabric selection, but ranging from only $10.50 to $19 (per fat quarter), it’s pretty affordable if you want to try a few different sizes and/or fabrics.

Cheers to Thanksgiving week!