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Gray ikat fabric…yes please!

It’s been awhile since I chatted about fabric, so today’s post is about just that…fabric!

One of my latest favorite fabric obsessions is the ikat silver/gray fabric from Lewis & Sheron Textiles.  It’s classy, neutral and as you guys know, I love gray.

Here are three different fabric pillow boards that incorporate this pretty fabric…

Board 1 – gray/red



Board 2 – gray/light blue


Board 3 – gray/blue/green

What’s you favorite fabric set? Do tell! I love how just changing up a few fabrics gives the board a totally different look and feel. For fabric sources, visit my Pinterest board here.
Cheers to Monday, friends!

Personalized Napkins

Morning, folks!

I hope this Monday finds you full and happy. I managed to eat my little heart out for four straight days, so today, the cleanse begins…

Last weekend, I took one of Modern Domestic’s free mini classes. As usual, I had a delightful time and I came home with a little personalized napkin in tow. I’m a beginner when it comes to sewing, and I loved this little project because it was quick and fairly simple. I just hopped on the crazy high-tech BERNINA Aurora 450 sewing machine, and held on for the ride. The hardest part of the entire class was choosing what kind of pattern I wanted on the napkin (so many pretty decorative stitches!), and the rest was history. I’m not going to dive into a full tutorial, as Modern Domestic has already done a fabulous one here, but here’s a few photos of my mini-class and my lovely finished napkins.

I started off with a pre-cut piece of 18×18 fabric, and then carefully measured and marked my lines where I wanted to sew the decorative stitching on both ends of the napkin.

From there, I sat down at my mighty BERNINA machine, programmed in my stitch, and started sewing…

I choose a fairly intricate stitch on one end of my napkin, and on the other end, I played around with the alphabet setting. I told my machine to spell out EAT, and it did. No joke. And so easy!

I serged the sides of the napkin, and then, in a blink of an eye, I brought home new napkins. It was easy. And if I say it was easy, it was.

Here they are resting nicely on my table.

You bet I’m coming back for more. I’m already dreaing up some holiday napkins, which I will share soon:).

Lots of goodies to come on the blog this week, including this year’s FREE holiday download. Get excited….


Pillow Options

I’m in the mood for some updated pillows for our white couch, and I’ve been playing around with a few different color and fabric combinations. Any favorites thus far?

All of the above pillows can be purchased on etsy (love that!) and they are also pinned in my pillow pinterest board. As you can tell, I’m leaning toward a green/grey/blue theme.

And this is our current wall color (Copley Grey by Benjamin Moore) and rug I’m working with:

Any thoughts, friends? Or any other pillow fabrics I must know about or favorite etsy sellers? Do share!

New project…DIY Roman Shade

I have a rather large weekend recap (lots o’ photos!) for you, as Kyle and I headed to Central Oregon for my birthday and I also tackled a number of home projects this weekend too.

I am not pleased to say this, but I now have two projects that are slowly killing me – my dresser, and this new roman shade.  It’s a massive shade and I want to strangle  the fabric. Note to self…using striped fabric is NOT a good idea. Lines are so tricky. Any suggestions?

This is a  crappy iPhone photo, but here’s what I am working with….

With me luck. And patience.

LOTS and LOTS more photos to come tomorrow…