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Opinions please!


Let’s talk kitchen curtains today. I like our kitchen curtains, however, the print has never been Kyle’s favorite. And I have to agree with him – the fabric is a bit too modern for our classic bungalow. I’ve been searching for new fabric to replace our current fabric, and here’s one of my favorites thus far. I’m not sold on it by any means, so please give me your honest opinion:). I am looking for a classic fabric with hints of yellow, blue or green. I’m flexible on color and pattern, but so far I’m not in love with anything. I ordered this swatch from LS Fabrics, and it arrived last week.

Here it is live and in person…

The fabric was excellent quality and reasonably priced, however, it had a purple hint to it. It’s not exactly what I had in mind, so I’m still on the hunt. Fabric can be so darn tricky!

Any ideas, friends?

Fabric 101

I looooove fabric. It’s one of my very favorite things about decorating. However, there are so many patterns, colors, textures and price ranges out there, that it can be exhausting trying to navigate through the mess. So, I’ve put together five different pillow fabric boards for your viewing pleasure. Of course, an entire room can have almost a dozen or more fabrics, so these little boards are best suited for pillows.

Fun pillows can certainly transform a sofa or bed in a heartbeat…and are a fairly inexpensive update. I’ve tried to create boards that are filled with different colors and design styles. Enjoy!

fabric coral

blue fabric

pink orange fabric

grey/yellow combo fabric

blue and yellow fabric

What board is your favorite? Sock it to me!

If you have any questions on where to find any of the above fabrics, just shoot me a comment and I’ll get right back to you. Also, if you are interested in having me personally design a board for you, drop me an email ([email protected]). I’d be happy to chat with you:).

Happy hump day!

Basement Pillows

This past weekend I did a little sewing, and I’m happy to report I only sewed one pillow inside out. The rest are fairly put together. But don’t look too close! The pillows are for our basement – here’s a quick shot of the fabric I ordered from Premier Prints for this little makeover.

premier prints fabric

The light blue stripe fabric is for the ottoman, which I have yet to recover. The rest of the fabric is for pillows, and here’s a few photos of the finished pillows.

The green pillows were created with two different fabrics. I thought I’d switch it up and try something new.

As for the rest of the basement, I’m still on the hunt for a TV console and again, I still need to sew a cover for the ottoman.

I guess our mantra for our basement makeover is…slow and steady wins the race!

My Favorite Fabrics

As you all know, I adore fabric. I have yards and yards and yards of it stowed away in random drawers, in different prints, just waiting to be turned into pillow cases, curtains, or whatever else I dream up. Here are a few of my favorites as of late…

Looking for the online links to any of these pretty fabrics? Check out my fabric board on pinterest for all the details:).

Is it Friday yet?