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Black Windows

Let it be known that I dislike painting. A lot. I didn’t used to despise painting as much as I do now. Maybe it’s because I’ve painted my fair share of trim, rooms, and lately windows, in our new home. The walls were a-okay, the trim wasn’t my favorite, but the windows…they might be the death of me.

Between the taping, the priming, and the actual painting, I am SO ready for this project to be over. Painting divided light windows is the worst. Ever. Especially if you want to do a good job, which I do. As you can see (which I’m sure you’ve spied in other recent photos I’ve posted), we went big and went with black windows in the kitchen area. I’ve always wanted black windows, so me + glossy black paint are getting well-acquainted.



Once I recover from the painting madness, I will have photos to share with you…which should be tomorrow. Hallelujah!

Living room paint options


For whatever reason, I’m having writer’s block, and it’s quite ironic as I’ve never had this many home projects going on at once. In theory, I should have a hecka lot of blog content. Perhaps it’s the full brain that’s keeping me from blogging my little heart out.

Anyway, today we are talking living room paint colors. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear we hope to paint our living room a grayish color…ha! Our last home was filled with grays and I think we’ll continue the trend at our new place. After much thought, I’ve narrowed the field down to four potential Benjamin Moore grays.

And just as a refresher, here’s the living room “before” photos…

The good news is that the room can’t get much worse.

Got a paint opinion? Spill it!

Wallpaper Blows

Excuse my language, but that’s really how I feel about wallpaper. Or rather, old wallpaper. I swoon over the look of beautifully placed modern wallpaper, but after my little (err, big) bout with old wallpaper this weekend, I can confidently tell you that it really does stink. Here’s the scenario/before photo…

Our new master bedroom is covered in pink flowery wallpaper. It’s surely not the look we are going for, so my Mom and my Grandma and I set out to rid the room of flowers. We came armed with these items:

We scoured the wall (with the tool above), covered it with DIF gel, and then scrapped our little hearts out. The problem was, the wallpaper came off in tiny pieces. Like itty bitty pieces. After a half hour of scraping, we realized that this job was going to take a long, long time. We also uncovered what our contractor likes to call a “worst case scenario” wallpaper project. More than 50 years ago, the wallpaper was glued directly to the untextured sheet rock, leaving a really gross wall behind the really gross wallpaper. After nearly 2 hours of work (x3 people working) this was as far as we got. Tear!


We felt discouraged and frustrated. We stepped away from the wallpaper and drove straight to happy hour. It was how that kind of a project should end – with a stiff drink.

After taking a week to recover from this unscuccessful project, I did a little research, and we’ve decided to go a route that I would have never guessed….we are going to PAINT over the wallpaper. Can you believe it? We’ve  checked withour contractor and a few other trusted sources, and this seemed to be our best option. So, we’ll load up on KILZ interior oil-based primer, and go to work.

Let’s hope this story has a happy ending, otherwise, things might get ugly. More to come from me on this project, but if you guys have any  wallpaper tips for me, bring them on!



Benjamin Moore's Georgian Green

Not sure what got into me last night, but I painted my little heart out after a full days work. The bathroom needed a facelift and paint does wonders when it comes to a quick fix. Benjamin Moore’s Georgian Green was the color I choose and it’s green and I like it. Our bathroom was already green (I don’t know what color it was exactly because the owners before us painted the room) so it’s actually a fairly similar color to what we already had.

georgian green

Here’s a quick instagram photo I snapped once all the painting was complete. Of course, the room looks much more like the above color than the one in the photo below. Figures. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as bright as it looks.

More photos of the bathroom to come soon:)…