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{2014 Edition} The Holidays

I hope this post finds you all full + happy from the past week’s holiday fun. We had our fill of family, friends, and festivities and we even got to kick up our feet for a few days too. Bliss! All of it. Even the crazy moments.

A few corners of our home felt festive, but for the most part, I kept the decor super simple this year. There’s so many more places I could have hung garland and lights, but I didn’t. Maybe next year? Here’s a few snapshots of what that holidays looked like around these parts…

holidays_2014_7 holidays_2014_3 holidays_2014_6 holidays_2014_4 holidays_2014_12 holidays_2014_11 holidays_2014_13 holidays_2014_17 holidays_2014_16 holidays_2014_18

My only new addition to our holiday decor comes compliments of a dear friend – a set of vintage-like mugs from Pottery Barn. Perfect for cocoa and/or coffee!

holidays_2014_5 holidays_2014_1

And after all the shopping, wrapping, baking, partying, traveling, and hosting…this is how I felt Christmas morning:). Never, ever been an early bird…


…but you’ll be happy to know I warmed up and felt really blessed. Promise!


It was surely a Christmas filled with Legos and all things Frozen. For you and yours as well, yes?!

And here’s one more photo for good measure – this is what my kitchen and home usually look like. Food out. Cleaning supplies on counters. Dishes to be scrubbed. I wanted to keep it real…because the holidays are messy. In more ways than one.


Cheers to 2015!

Happy Holidays

Morning, friends!

It’s hard to believe the Christmas countdown is in single digits.This season always comes and goes in a flash. I’m guilty of being swept up in the holiday shuffle (buying gifts! parties! baking! decorating!) and losing sight of what really matters. This year, that’s not happening…that’s my goal at least. Lots of quality time with family and friends. A few meaningful gifts. And some really, really good memories made.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.39.05 AM

Merry Christmas to you + yours!

2014 Wish List

Morning friends! Hope everyone survived the first holiday weekend of this busy season. We spent the last few days brunching and seeing friends and family from near and far…and running a few holiday errands too!

This year has really been about simplifying for us, and I think my wish list reflects that. We are trying to buy the RIGHT thing ONCE. No junk. No buying to just buy something. We want our home to work hard for us, and we want to be surrounded by useful (and sometimes beautiful!) things.

With that said, here are a few of my picks for this holiday season.

 2014 wish list

1. Creamy peppermint hand soap - that pattern. Oh my!

2. Pour over kettle - because tea would surely taste better out of this kettle, yes?

3. Pre Montreal Sneaker - comfy + cute.

4. Postalco wall calendar - you can see every day of 2015 in one glance. YES!

5. Zinc Zig Zag hook - a girl can never, ever have too may sturdy hooks.

6. Crescent moon bird framed art - brass + black. So good.

7. Drip maple syrup - the packaging. I mean?! I die. And it’s small batch organic syrup. YUM.


{AFTER} Laundry Room

I won’t name names, but a few kind folks have dropped hints that they are losing patience with me and my lack of blog posts lately. So here I am! I’ve actually snapped some photos around our house lately, but I’ve been less than satisfied with them. I don’t feel like they really capture the space, or the right colors, blah, blah, blah. And what I’ve finally realized… I have unrealistic expectations. At work, I’m surrounded by stylists and professional photographers and we capture really, really lovely photos. The thing is, I’m not a stylist. Nor a photographer. And I know you guys don’t expect me to be those things. So today I’m forcing myself to share so-so laundry room photos, and embracing the mindset that “done” is better than “perfect.”

Here’s what the laundry closet looked like before…scary, I know. And yes, we actually did laundry in that chaotic space. Yikes!


And here it is, in all its finished glory today…


Along with the obvious – sheetrock, tile, and paint – we also purchased a new sink and faucet and a handy clothesline finished off the space.




As much as I wanted to do built-ins and get all fancy with this space, I was on a strict budget so we stuck with functional, clean pieces. I also really wanted a super-duper expensive laundry sink like this one, but I stayed on track budget-wise and found this one that gets the job done. And yes, those are Ikea shelves. Again, budget-friendly pieces that will work hard for us. And to give you some perspective on how our laundry area fits in with the larger space downstairs, here’s a shot from the living area.


Can’t wait to share more basement photos with you soon!