Coffee Grounds + Mice Update

Did you know I love coffee? I mean, I live in Portland, so I guess I somewhat have to, but it’s a daily must-have for me. So, when I ran across this list of daily uses for recycling coffee grounds, I knew it was meant for me. Some of these are no-brainers, and others I would have never thought of…

Latte made w/Stumptown Coffee - my personal favorite


1.) Composting: Coffee has a number of different chemicals due to the rich, volcanic soil where it is initially grown and can help feed plants at home or in the garden.

2.) Deodorizer: Dry the grounds out and place them in the fridge. The dried grounds will absorb any funky smells.

3.) Soften Hair: Grounds may be used as a hair softener for yourself or your pets. Obviously, rinse carefully.

4.) Skin Exfoliator: Beautify your skin and wash/scrub with coffee grounds. The coarseness of the grounds will refresh your skin.

5.) Fire clean-up: To keep the dust settled, sprinkle wet grounds in your fireplace before you clean it.

6.) Keep out the cat: Sprinkle coffee grounds where you don’t want your cat to use the bathroom.

7.) Ant repellent: Place the grounds over ant hills and any other ant-infested places – keeps them out in no time.

Too bad coffee grinds don’t scare away mice! Yes, we are still living amongst a few furry friends, as they have now figured out a way to eat the peanut butter off the traps without getting caught. So awesome. With that said, THANK YOU to everyone who has written me with mice tips. It’s so appreciated and seriously, we need all the help we can get so keep the ideas coming.

P.S. TODAY is table delivery day!

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