Creeping Back…

…to reality. That’s what today is all about. Is anyone else mourning the holidays? I love fresh starts and I’m very much looking forward to 2013, but something about the first day back to the routine is hard. Like really hard. I’ve been dreading the daily grind for the last few days. And that’s probably because for the past week, I spent as much time as I could in red thermal pajamas, doing this…

The couch and I had a hot date. I hadn’t really sat down for the last few months, so I tried to catch up on some much needed R&R.

I also got some snuggles in with my sweet niece, Bryn…

Opened a few gifts (these handwritten tags killed me!)…

And as you know, we have countertops now, so I began to unpack some of our kitchen goodies. Two boxes down, only 20 more to go! We are so, so close to a finished kitchen, and I can’t wait to unveil our first renovation project on our “new” house in a few weeks:).

Restored Style kitchen

Hoping everyone had a lovely holiday and here’s to hoping reality is nice to us on the first day back it!

8 thoughts on “Creeping Back…

  1. ErinY Said:

    That’s exactly how I feel! I had such a great break that I’m not sure I even remember how to do my job anymore! haha

  2. Kim @ Yellow Brick Home Said:

    Boy, do I feel the same as you! I’m going to take this week slowly… and not stress if I don’t finish my monumental to do list!

  3. Hilary @ My So-Called Home Said:

    It’s funny because after two weeks of taking it easy and making my To-Do list for 2013 I’m ready to get started! I cannot WAIT to see your kitchen progress. I just know it’s gonna be gorgeous.

  4. Mandy Knapp Riggar Said:

    Thankfully this week is a 3-day week, so it shouldn’t be too bad! ;) Happy New Year!

  5. Jenn Said:

    I think there are very few people who deserved a week on the couch more than you! Hope the remodeling is going well! I’m so excited to see your new kitchen :)

  6. Olivia Said:

    of COURSE your kitchen decor is so simple yet ADORABLE. love it. cant wait to see it all!!

  7. sarah Said:

    so glad you’re back, AND that you got some great r&r! looking forward to seeing what you guys create in 2013. cheers from bogotá!

  8. Kristin Said:

    Your home is coming along beautifully! Hopefully when it’s all done, you can take a little more time in the red flannel PJs to enjoy it all! :)


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