Dining Room artwork…complete!

At long last…all four of our frames in our dining room are filled! It only took me a handful of months, but I can check this task off my “to do” list finally.

As you may remember, I originally fell in love with these Wisteria prints, but the price tag didn’t agree with our budget ($749.00!).

And then I found these Tuscan fruit prints on art.com for much less ($9.99 for each print), however, I wasn’t sold.

Fast forward three months and I’ve landed on a wallet-friendly solution. I was surfing around Etsy and I ran across A Vintage Vision. Heather Jaynes sells vintage collage sheets for a mere $2.50, which means she emails you a large file with your desired prints and you may edit and re-size away! It’s a brilliant idea, and she sells other super swell collages such as vintage egg prints, bird prints flowers prints and practically everything else in between. The below print is just one of the many collages she sells online…

After debating between a few different collages, I landed on the below print collage, placed my order, and by the next morning, I had this file waiting for me in my email inbox:

With the images in my hands, I imported them into photoshop and cropped and re-sized the four images I wanted to use in my garage sale frames. The mats within the frames were pre-cut at 8.5 x 13.5, so I had to somewhat be crafty with my re-sizing options in photoshop.  I then headed to FedEx Kinko’s and printed out my prints on 11 x 17 paper. Each color print cost $1.75 each, totalling $7.00 for 4 prints.

I returned home with these prints in tow…

And all that was left to do was place the prints in the frames and hang! Here are the before and after shots…



In short, for a total of $9.50 I created dining room artwork on a shoestring budget. Throw in the frames that I picked up at a garage sale (4 for $5.00 each), I paid less than $30.00 for the entire project. Sure, it took months to actually come together, and at times I wanted to throw the frames out the window and purchase a spendy mirror and call it good, but we stuck with the plan and it paid off.

I’d absolutely recommend checking out Heather’s Etsy shop. There are dozens of amazing prints that you can do SO many things with! Art work can be crazy expensive, but with a little PhotoShop magic and a trip to FedEx Kinko’s, your wallet (and husband) will thank you:).

Lots more to come this week, including the metal cafe chair review and a new Spring tablescape (I just couldn’t wait until the end of March to kick off Spring!). Have a happy week!

11 thoughts on “Dining Room artwork…complete!

  1. heather j Said:

    I love what you ended up doing. They look so great! Hooray for finished projects. :)

  2. Alyce {Blossom Heart} Said:

    Oh that’s a such a great idea!! I’ve seen those kinds of items on Etsy before and never thought of doing this with them!! But now I shall!

    PS – love your house!!

  3. Suzy @ Worthing Court Said:

    This is a great idea! I’ve been looking for some affordable art to use in my dining room update. I don’t use Photoshop. Wonder if there’s another way to resize them??? Sadly, the owner of this etsy shop is currently on maternity leave, but I’ll keep a check on her! BTW – your home is adorable!

    1. kirsten Said:

      Thank you Suzy! The folks at Kinko’s might resize them for you – it’s worth an ask:)!

    2. Beth J Said:

      Try PhotoShop Express; it’s free and online, so you don’t have to download anything. :)

  4. Monique Said:

    Hi! I found your site randomly on pinterest through Young House Love, and I LOVE IT! I’m in love with your house and might I say, we have the same style? :) Anyway, I love what you did with these frames. I have been wondering what to do behind my dinging room table (our walls are a similar color to yours) and I was totally inspired when I saw this. Also, I love the pendant lamp you placed over the table too!

    Well, I went to Heather’s etsy shop, so excited to browse and she’s closed for maternity leave. :( Exciting for her. Sad for me. I’m hoping she’ll open again soon so I can look at her collections.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. kirsten Said:

      I know – bummer! Here’s to hoping she’ll be back soon!

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  6. Jen Said:

    FedexKinkos will resize for a small fee. I think it was $5 or less.


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