DIY Doormat 2.0

One of my favorite blogs that I check nearly every day is Yellow Brick Home. I’ve listed them in my “must reads” section in the right-hand column and I know that if Kim lived in Portland we’d become fast friends. But Kim lives in Chicago, so for now, I keep up with her via her wonderfully creative blog. And did I mention her home is fabulous as well?

The other week, Kim and Scott upgraded their doormat, and used one my little tutorials as an inspiration (blushing!). My DIY doormat project was one of the first tutorials I posted on Restored Style, and it’s so fun to see a new spin on this easy DIY project!

DIY doormat decor

DIY doormat decor

To see Kim and Scott’s lovely doormat, check out their DIY post here. I promise you, their new and improved doormat does not disappoint! And it’s not just their last initial, I promise. It’s much more fun.

As for tomorrow’s post, I have some basement before and after photos comin’  atcha. Stay-tuned!

2 thoughts on “DIY Doormat 2.0

  1. Kim at Yellow Brick Home Said:

    Thank you so much for the inspiration, Kirsten! Our doormat is a great greeting after a long day of work :)

  2. Lila Said:

    I love this! I really really like how you incorporate the letter “n” in cute ways throughout your home. Love it.


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