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The one constant thing in a Portlander’s life is rain. Just that fact alone makes some people run for the hills, but I promise, Portland is an amazing place to live. Anyway, what does rain have to do with a doormat? Well, because we are constantly wiping our feet, we’ve gone through a million doormats. They all seem to fade and look worn-out quickly. And if you are already drawn to mats with fun colors and patterns like I am, those vibrant designs only end up sticking around for a month or so. The rain and just normal wear and tear washes all the fun stuff away and then you are stuck with something that looks like this:

old doormat

Gross. Believe it or not, this mat used to have vibrant blue, green and brown stripes. And then the rain came, and now it just looks like a brown blob. A good excuse to go shopping I guess. These doormats were on my wish list…

Gavin Stripe Doormat from Crate & Barrel

Gavin Stripe Doormat from Crate & Barrel

Cherry Blossom Doormat from World Market

TAG doormat

Geometric Coir Door Mat by Tag

These were a few of my top picks, however, I couldn’t bring myself to buy any of them because I knew in a few short months they would resemble a brown blob, just like all of my other doormats that I’ve had to kick to the curb. To solve this little problem, I bought a totally boring Coco doormat from World Market for $16.99. I bought it because it was larger  (36×24) than the average doormat (30×18) and it’s made out of durable coconut husk fibers, making it eco-friendly.

Doormat BEFORE

To give this blah doormat some character, I decided to personalize it and add our last initial to the mat. I didn’t have an “N” stencil that was the right size for the mat, so I printed out an “N” after experimenting with different fonts and sizes on good ‘ol Microsoft Word – no fancy PhotoShop needed. I cut out the center of the N, got out my black spray paint, newspaper and blue painters tape and headed outside.

Simple supplies...

With the “N” strategically placed and taped on the doormat, I covered the rest of the doormat with newspaper and then sprayed the black spray paint onto my homemade stencil.

Doormat with stencil strategically placed in the lower right-hand corner

Doormat covered in newspaper for protection against black spray paint

After I sprayed my little heart out and let the paint dry for a few hours, I peeled away the newspaper and gently took off the stencil.  I unveiled a personalized doormat that will hopefully withstand some serious Portland rain and still look pretty darn good in a few months.

Doormat AFTER

I placed the “N” in the lower right-hand corner because I thought it would get less foot action than if I placed it in the center of the mat. Also by doing it myself I had the chance to pick the exact size of the “N” as well as the font. You could easily get a different look by changing the font to something more elegant or modern. My taste usually falls somewhere in between, hence the fairly basic lowercase “N” I chose. You could also experiment with different colors of spray paint, however, I would stick with a darker color such as a dark blue, brown, or purple.

I somewhat felt silly for spending all this time on an item that people wipe their feet on, but I have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of house guests who have noticed it.

Front door BEFORE

Front door AFTER

See what a difference it makes?! Last but not least, an effective doormat leaves you with less dirt and grime to clean-up, and that’s always a plus in my book.

16 thoughts on “DIY Doormat Decor

  1. Uneeta Said:

    Loveit! Ok, this is seriously my weekend project. Let’s just say we had identical door mats! Love your blog! So glad that I found it!

    1. kirsten Said:

      Thanks for visiting the blog, Uneeta! Good luck with your doormat – it’s a great weekend project and I’m sure your mat will turn out beautiful!

  2. Sixty Fifth Avenue Said:

    Great idea for a custom mat!
    Your front door is gorgeous! Is it painted black on the inside too?

    1. kirsten Said:

      Thanks Londen! It’s actually painted white on the inside, but actually, it’s on our “To Do” list to spiff it up a bit. Stay-tuned:)!

  3. Courtney Said:

    Love this idea! I’ve just ready through your entire blog and I love your style. I’m making this soon!

    1. kirsten Said:

      Thanks so much Courtney – so glad you stopped by the blog:)!

  4. Rochelle @ Princess Hotcakes Said:

    Kirsten, My fella and I officially moved into our first house together on 12/23 and had our personalized doormat made by 12/27! No jokes! We’re still awaiting our internet connection at home…once we’re hooked up I’ll write up a post and link back to this one. :) I’m soo excited to have internet – my blog is hosted on our personal server which has been down since 12/22! Yikes!

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    1. kirsten Said:

      I just checked out your doormat – it’s soooo perfect! Nice work!

    1. kirsten Said:

      Kim! Your doormat is so stunning that I must feature it on Restored Style! Stay-tuned:)….

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  7. Jessica @ Decor Adventures Said:

    I love this and am going to make one for my own home! I’m going to show it on my facebook page today too. Thanks for the lovely idea :-)

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