Enlisting your advice…

I love junk. I seriously do. It’s getting to be a problem though, as junk seems to magically find its way to our doorstep because my friends and family know I can’t say no to this kind of stuff. I recently “inherited” two large, old wooden windows. They are in our backyard just waiting for some love…



And here’s where you come in…what should I do with them? Make a mirror? A chalkboard? A headboard? Attach hooks at the bottom? Just hang them up as is? Paint them? I am stumped. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

11 thoughts on “Enlisting your advice…

  1. jess Said:

    i vote to use them in your garden or outside. with the glass removed they might make a great trellis for your beans to climb or something.

  2. Tress Said:

    There’s an artist at the Wednesday farmers market on Main street who paints pictures on windows to create “shadow art.” You could turn them into art pieces! If you’re interested, I can stop and get a card at next week’s market.

  3. Jolene Said:

    You could paint them and use it as a multiply picture frame. You could hang it in your kitchen like one of those pot hangers or you could make a stand for them and display them that way. You could also make coffee tables out of them. Or you could do both a picture frame ooffee table.

    I can’t wait to hear how you will use them. Good luck


  4. Anne Lawrence Said:

    I like the headboard idea. Or you can create a barrier/screen in a room by putting a cool fabric on one side… OR you can mount it on the wall. I would mount it a good two or three inches away from the wall so I could add small hidden shelves (that line up with the wood) to place candles, panels or knick-knacks of sorts…

  5. Meta Said:

    There’s SO many things you can do!

    You can always flip them horizontally and take out the glass part. Fix it up with a little paint/etc, string some jute rope in between, get some cute clothespins and use it as a very fancy multi-picture frame.

    Or, you can also take out the glass and fill them with a large photo … either spliced up naturally by the frame or multi photos. =D

    The headboard would also sound interesting! Good luck! I say make the windows work for whatever you need around the house – whether it’s a new headboard or a new picture frame/wall art! Can’t wait to see the result

  6. Carol Said:

    Photo screen… stained glass screen… headboard… Screen with fabric where the glass goes… Clearly, I’m no help at all with my commitment issues. Whatever you do, SHOW US!

  7. Melanie Said:

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ll do with these! I have a set of windows original to my house in my basement. I’ve been waiting for the right project but have no idea what to do!

  8. Stacy Said:

    I was looking for an recent post of yours and scrolled across this one again and I had a crazy idea come to mind I’d shoot past you for your windows. It might not be your thing but what about making a chandelier out of one of them? I’m thinking about your dining room. Have the window lay flat parallel to the table with rods mounted at each of the 4 corners attaching it to the ceiling. Then use the cool industrial light bulbs/sockets hanging from the ceiling (as many as you want. Kara Paslay designs blog has some DIY for light fixtures like that. Just something that came to mind. Might be stupid or not the style you’re looking for. There are some light fixtures at pottery barn that are similar too, but hanging that window below would be cool I think and I wonder how the light would shine through it.

    1. kirsten Said:

      Stacy! Looooove this idea! I’m going to look into the logistics of this – such a great thought! Thank you:)!

  9. kim Said:

    I would make a large cabinet using the windows as doors and then put shelves in the cabinet. Great to store quilts or dishes or whatever.


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