Etsy Find! Akimbo Design + Trendy Peas

Let’s chat ABC prints today…I had to share a few of my favorites lately!

When I laid eyes on this print from Akimbo Design, I fell head over heals in love. The only problem is…I don’t have a baby, and I’m not pregnant, so I don’t really have a need for it in our home. Victorian illustrations and engraved lettering make this print oh so divine. And at $25.00, it’s a very affordable piece of art.

And for those of you folks who like a little more modern flair, I stumbled upon this alphabet art from Trendy Peas. It’s modern, fun and colorful – so perfect for a playroom!

And at $29.00, it’s another very reasonable art buy. Combine any of the above prints with an IKEA frame, and you are in business!

What are you favorite alphabet prints on Etsy? Do share!

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