Etsy Find! Mint Peach

I must say, the internet these days makes the world so small. I discovered Mint Peach on Twitter, and then somehow I found myself on their Facebook page, and then I landed on their sweet little etsy page. Love how that works.

Anyway, I ended up falling in love with their beautiful white bowls. Handmade tableware doesn’t get any prettier. There’s something about simple and clean lines that get me EVERY time.

I can just picture one (or two, three, or four!) bowls perfectly placed on my coffee table of farmhouse table. The fact that each piece is handmade is pretty darn cool as well.

Pottery and pretty plates can add so much to a home…I think I’ve just talked myself into purchasing one of these beautiful bowls:).

One thought on “Etsy Find! Mint Peach

  1. Landis Carey Said:

    Oh my goodness! I just saw this :) Thank you so so very much for your kind words, you’ve just made my week!!


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