Etsy Find! Skinny laMinx

This etsy find post takes the cake for furthest away. Skinny laMinx¬†goodies are made in Cape Town, Africa and they really are too cute for words. The gal behind this lovely little company is an illustrator, writer and designer, and everything in her shop is designed by her, often by papercutting or by drawing. Heather’s designs are professionally printed in Cape Town onto fabric that’s woven in South Africa, and her seamstress works the behind-the-scenes sewing magic.

The result is pure perfection…




Hop on over to her etsy site and see her handcrafted designs for yourself.

One last question – is it the weekend yet?

3 thoughts on “Etsy Find! Skinny laMinx

  1. Leanne @ Strewth-Tiger Said:

    See..this right here is why i HATE reading design blogs…i keep finding the most AWESOME things! I love everything in this etsy store – especially that ridiculously cute smock dress for the three year old i don’t have ;-)

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    1. kirsten Said:

      I so agree! If I had a kiddo, she’d be sporting that smock dress!

  2. Lila Said:

    Love these designs. The pillow is calling my name, love the color and the graphic! Thanks for pointing me in this direction :)


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