Etsy Find! Sycamore Street Press

I swear, etsy never ceases to amaze me. Us humans got talent! I stumbled across Sycamore Street Press while browsing for artwork and I fell in love with this store’s letterpress goodies. I thought a few of these prints might be fun inĀ  a kitchen or a little one’s room, or really anywhere in between.

And how about this calendar for the kitchen? So lovely!

There’s lots more to see at Sycamore Street Press’ etsy page. And, they have even more prints and cards on their website, found here.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

6 thoughts on “Etsy Find! Sycamore Street Press

  1. Shelby Said:

    Agreed – Etsy has some amazing artists!! Love these prints.

    1. kirsten Said:

      Of course – love all of your goodies!

  2. miss kristen Said:

    GORGEOUS. Love these! Etsy is one of the most inspiring sites around.

  3. Amber Said:

    I just did the unthinkable and splurged! So much for good shopping habits. ;) I had to purchase the “Happy Together” sign as that’s one of mine and my husband’s songs (and it’s so dang cute). Then I saw their sign that has a verse from “You Are My Sunshine.” It’s going to make my mother bawl when I give that one to her. Thanks SO much for sharing!!


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