Etsy Jewelry Finds

I have found some truly glorious jewels on etsy lately. So glorious in fact, I have to share!

I bought these earrings last month, and have worn them nearly every other day since they arrived in the mail. I nabbed the mint colored ones, and I’m in love. They are petite and perfect in every way.

I also ordered a handful of these gold bangels, and I love wearing them with my gold watch…such a fun pop of gold!

And, I purchased this precious gold necklace for a bestie’s birthday this month, and it’s so dainty and pretty.

What are your favorite etsy jewelry finds/sellers? Do share!






6 thoughts on “Etsy Jewelry Finds

  1. Alison Said:

    and now I am obsessed with gold bangles… thank you! such pretty finds.

  2. Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving Said:

    I buy a TON of jewelry on Etsy – and now those earrings and bangles are on my wishlist. I love the thin, stackable gold rings from MaryJohn – I have three of the plain hammered, one of the twisted rope, and two of the gemstone ones that I wear stacked on one finger. This shop also has fantastic earrings:

  3. Joy Said:

    Kirsten, so funny: Kim bought me those mint earrings for my birthday!!! I absolutely love them and wear them all the time.

  4. Taylor Said:

    Hi! Just wondering where you ordered the earrings from???


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