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Ohhhh, friends! This weekend finally felt like summer in Portland. It was blaaaazing hot, I ate local berries by the handful, managed to get a few slivers and mosquitoes bites, and read a book in the sunshine. It was oh so sweet, and I hope we have many more summer days ahead of us!

In other news, the exterior paint saga has ended at our house. After much debate, we narrowed down our white paint color options to three. We were dead set on using Benjamin Moore’s raccoon fur for the trim/shutters, so the trick was finding the right white. Snowfall white, white dove, and ballet white were the contenders…

exterior-white-options | Restored Style

And here they are on the actual house…

house color options | Restored Style

{1} White Dove  {2} Ballet White {3} Snowfall White

And here’s another look at the colors on our brick…this time the colors run from clockwise ballet white to white dove to snowfall white.

white exterior paint options

And if you follow me on Instagram, you already know we landed on snowfall white with raccoon fur trim. We love the richness of the white – it really jumps off the house and makes a clean statement.

snowfall white + raccoon fur trim

We are happy campers with our decision:). Lots of painting still to do, but we’ve made progress.

Happy week to you!

P.S. Find exterior before photos of our house here.

9 thoughts on “Exterior House Paint

  1. kristen @ inspired whims Said:

    Kirsten, I really like your color choice…as I read the post I was rooting for the snowfall white! I love black and white on an exterior…and anywhere, really. :) The house is coming together so beautifully.

  2. Jennifer I. Said:

    I am voting for Ballet white or Dove white. While Snowfall is beautiful, I think keeping the other two options clean is a safer bet. I have cedar siding myself. It is hard to clean so I’m thinking practical! Love the way you decorate.

    1. Jennifer I. Said:

      I really need to read better. I see your pic and that snowfall white, beautiful! I’m keeping these whites in mind for bedrooms and furniture.

      1. kirsten neiman Said:

        Thanks Jennifer:)! I thought the same thing about the whites…so fingers crossed snowfall doesn’t get too dirty:). We shall see!

        1. Jennifer I. Said:

          You have impeccable taste, so I’m sure it’ll be great :) I can’t wait to repaint our home some day – we have cedar siding and it’s tan with brown shutters – not the worst, but it definitely wouldn’t have been my first pick. I have plans for a grey house someday with black shutters.

  3. Jenn @ Home Style Report Said:

    Yay! I love it and I’m glad you’re finally able to enjoy summer! We’re going to be doing some house painting as well – more maintance than facelift with the exception of our garage door. We’re also going a darker color! Can’t wait to see it complete!

    1. kirsten neiman Said:

      Yes, summer is finally here! Hooray! Hope you document what you guys do to your exterior on your cute blog:).

  4. Mandy Knapp Riggar Said:

    ohhhhh how exciting!! Painting the exterior of the house is no joke….but makes a huge difference! Now on to enjoy summer and your beautiful lawn! :) Looks gorgeous! xo

  5. Jennifer I. Said:

    I am missing your housing updates! Can’t wait to see what you do next :)


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