Featured! Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn

Update! The link is live – check it out here!

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned The Kitchn’s Leela Ross stopped by for some scones and tea? Wellllll…before noon today, our quaint kitchen will be featured on this wonderful website! We are blushing big-time  and are stoked to see the photos Leela snapped. She shared a sneak peak of a photo she took with her mini…

I’ll update this post as soon as our link goes live! As for this week’s happenings, I have a metal cafe chair reveal (finally!) and a fun TGIDIY Friday post for you. Hope you’ll be along for the ride:).

4 thoughts on “Featured! Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn

  1. Kari Said:

    What a great feature on your kitchen! Congrats Kirsten!

  2. Kandace Said:

    One more thing in your house to copy. We didn’t get cabinets above the fridge and to the immediate right because we couldn’t fit a built-in frame and so we left it until we saw how all the appliances and sink would fit. The design was basically HAD to work around my farmhouse sink!! But I love your skinny cabinet to the left of your fridge and your double cabinet on top. Next on my wish list!! Well…and the counters to flank my stove which still haven’t been delivered.

  3. Cheri Said:

    Great feature — and you look fantastic, Kirsten.


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