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Morning, friends!

Today you’ll find me over at I Live Here: PDX chatting about all the reasons while I love living in Portland, specifically the Grant Park neighborhood. I Live Here: PDX is a love letter to Portland and an anthology of its residents, neighborhoods and moods. It’s founders, Sarah and Erin, were inspired by a similar project in San Francisco. The website features folks from a variety of Portland neighborhoods, with diverse backgrounds and trades who all have one thing in common –  a love affair with the city of roses.

In short, the website is a sneak peak into the lives of Portlanders…and I’m so thankful to be included!

i live here pdx logo

i live here pdx

Check out my little profile here.

Special thanks to Erin and Sarah for including me on their lovely website. Such a great way to highlight the little people of Portland:).

One thought on “Featured! I Live Here:PDX

  1. derekshirk Said:

    What a great feature! I had a lot of fun reading some of the different profiles – Yours of course, was the best!


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