Featured Video: Basement Before

I hope everyone had a happy heart day weekend! Kyle and I took a break from reality and escaped to the Oregon coast. It was grey and gloomy, but a wonderful way to celebrate our 5th Valentine’s Day together. Life is pretty sweet these days.

I thought about featuring a few fun Valentine’s Day ideas and cards, but I feel like we’ve all had our fill of pink and red hearts. Instead, I’m going against the grain and posting a video of our basement under construction. I’m wearing a pink scarf in the video, so that’s my tribute to heart day:).

Basement Before from kirsten nieman on Vimeo.

Gosh I dislike the way my face looks on pause-yiiiiiikes. Cheers to a great week and celebrating loved ones today!

8 thoughts on “Featured Video: Basement Before

  1. Ericka Said:

    Please tell me where you got the hanging baskets with the bananas on that wall. Love your kitchen! The basement is gonna look awesome!

    1. kirsten Said:

      Hi Ericka! I snagged the baskets on potterybarn.com a few years back on clearance…I so wish they were still available:(.

  2. Heather J Said:

    I am loving your videos. Excited to see the after (as I am sure you are too)! P.S. Your boots are way cute!

  3. Kim Paiement Said:

    I am loving the videos!!! I’ll be coming to you for help when I start tackling Jesse’s 100 year old approximately 1000 square foot house :)

  4. leela Said:

    LOVE seeing your sweet pad through your videos — great job!

  5. Kati @ so happy home Said:

    If you think YOUR basement is a mess, you should have a look at mine! It’s completely gross compared to your nearly-there space. Can’t wait to see it as you progress. (And I agree, your boots are delicious!)

  6. derek Said:

    I’m really interested to see what paint color you end up choosing. Will you share that with your beloved followers?

  7. Katie Said:

    I cannot wait to see the finished product! It’s going to look great, just like the rest of your place :-)


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