Featured Video: Kitchen Tour

Hi friends! Is everyone all fat and happy from munching on Super Bowl snacks yesterday afternoon? I sure am!

I’m pumped to announce the new video feature I’ve been talking about for months now is finally here. Yes!  I thought I’d kick off this new feature with a quick tour of our kitchen. Without further ado, here it is. Enjoy and happy Monday!


Kitchen Tour from kirsten nieman on Vimeo.


14 thoughts on “Featured Video: Kitchen Tour

  1. derek Said:

    Kirsten, Love the video tour. Great job

  2. Megan Clark Said:

    I love this so much! Congrats on your new year resolution!

  3. Layne Said:

    Love this! The granite tile countertop is such a good idea!

  4. Rochelle @ Princess Hotcakes Said:

    The video tour was soo much fun! I love hearing you explain the “whys” of your space. The video is great and there’s remarkable difference in appreciating the space visually in this manner. It’s a beautiful kitchen and definitely reflects you!

  5. Leila Said:

    You did an awesome job! I love how much more “alive” the kitchen became to me. You did such a great job!

  6. Jennifer Said:

    Your kitchen is fabulous! You have such a great eye. Great job!

  7. Kandace Said:

    Awesome job, I would have been so nervous, I’m not a camera fan. Our kitchen colors are very similar. Did you end up doing white grout on your backsplash or gray?

  8. Kari Said:

    Nice video! We used the granite large size tiles too!

  9. Jenn Said:

    Love this video! And, your kitchen is beautiful! :)

  10. Kim Paiement Said:

    super cute kris :)

  11. heather j Said:

    What a great host you are. :) Love your kitchen and the video and look forward to more.

  12. Kaleigha Said:

    Love this! Can’t wait to see the rest of the house!

  13. finn Said:

    I love the update to your kitchen. Random question, but where did you get your banana basket that’s hanging on the wall?

    1. kirsten Said:

      Thanks! We picked it up at Pottery Barn a few years ago:).


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