Fireplace Built-In


If you follow me on Instagram (@restoredstyle), you already know our mantle arrived this weekend! As I’ve mentioned before, we love the brick look, but without a mantel or anything else on the brick wall, we didn’t feel like we were really “using” the space. And we needed a place for our kitchen TV and extra storage and shelves are always a plus. So, a custom built-in was our answer to this brick wall.

I’m hesitant to post any photos of the finished mantle/fireplace built-in because it’s not styled yet. At all. But I’m going to do so anyway:). Here’s a quick photo progression of where we began, and where we are today…


brick fireplace renovation





We are a little sad the built-in hides the brick, as we loved that look, but this new piece makes living easy and practical, and we want this house to work hard for us. More up-close-and-personal mantle photos to come this week!

18 thoughts on “Fireplace Built-In

  1. Jenn Said:

    Don’t be sad! This is absolutely beautiful! Such a cute, hard working feature in your dining room…jealous!

  2. Joy | Frock Files Said:

    Complete transformation, Kirsten! It looks so good right now that I can only imagine how blown away we’ll be once it’s styled.

  3. Jenn Said:

    This is gorgeous! I looks so amazing behind your table and I think it still shows the perfect amount of brick :)

  4. andrea @ my kinda perfect Said:

    that looks so amazing! what a great detail to add to all the brick. and it’s useful to hold stuff and fun to style and update! =)

  5. Laney Said:

    Just the right amount of brick and it will be so fun to style with the seasons. Love it!

  6. Kati from so happy home Said:

    Great height on that mantle! Really brings some focus to the room. While you may have sacrificed a brick or two, in the end (after you style it with your magic fingers) you’ll be singing a different tune. Just like being sexy isn’t all about showing everything, that brick will stand out more once you get your perfect mix of accompaniment. Congratulations on a great piece!

  7. tate Said:

    it looks great, the floors are amazing, what a great update!

  8. Judy Said:

    It looks great! Brick is so beautiful, but sometimes it is just that, brick, that kind of made a covering for a wall. You made it an art piece. The amount that you can see accentuates the design of the wood and pulls your eye to the brick. Fantastic job, nothing to be sad about.

  9. Michele Said:

    Everything looks great! I spy a taped off door in the last picture… Can’t wait to see what you’re doing there!

  10. Elena Said:

    Looks phenomenal! What a great use of the space… and you can still see the brick, so you get the best of both worlds! Such great style ;)

  11. Holly C. Said:

    Wow, it looks great! It adds such a unique look to the room.

  12. ErinY Said:

    Looks great!! And is it too early to start imagining how much fun it will be to decorate around Christmas??

  13. Toni C. Said:

    It looks awesome! You didn’t cover the brickwork…You showcased it! Adding the built in makes the brick look all the better and the brick makes the built in looks likes it totally belongs there. :) Nice Work!!

  14. Lila Smyth Said:

    Love the salvage window above the fireplace!! The built-in looks great.

  15. Danielle Said:

    The built-in is amazing! You guys did a great job of balancing out what you need and keeping a lot of the rustic brick. Nicely done! I can’t get over all that you guys are accomplishing in such a short amount of time.


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