Flower Share Week #1

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Anna Mara flowers is offering a flower share in Portland. I’m a sucker for fresh flowers, so you can bet my name was on the list. Last week I picked up my first bouquet of red peonies and vibernum and arranged them in an old mason jar, and I had a pretty centerpiece for an entire week. Love.

Nothing like fresh and local flowers. Happy Thursday, friends!

4 thoughts on “Flower Share Week #1

  1. sandrine Said:

    looks beautiful…

  2. Heather Said:

    Love fresh flowers!! And do I spy painter’s tape on the door window?? Oooh! What color?? You guys have been BUSY!!!

  3. Sarah Said:

    Oh LOVE! I wish we had a flower share here! for reals! Also, where is that adorable little tray from!?!? Love the set up!


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