Garage Sale Goodness – pillow inserts & pillow covers

One of my favorite things to pick up at garage sales are old pillows. Not because I particularly like the fabric on them, but because they can serve as fabulous cheap inserts. Pillow inserts can run you dozens of dollars each, and there’s really no need for that. I picked up this pillow at my last garage sale stop for only 25 cents! A steal.

garage sale pillow before

Okay, so it’s probably one of the ugliest pillows around town, but I loved its shape. It’s 30 inches long and 10 inches inches tall – the perfect size for a small sofa. And, it’s in good shape, doesn’t smell funky, and just needs a new cover.

garage sale pillow before

After much debate, I landed on this fabric – it’s Waverly Parterre in Walnut.

Waverly Parterre Walnut

It can be found here and it’s beautiful and high quality fabric. I bought 3/4 a yard and at $20.99/yard, I walked out of there with a $15.74 pillow cover. Not too shabby.

And do you really think I could buy just ONE piece of fabric? HA! I saw this fabric and had to have it.

linked harris twilight fabric

And this is such a tease, but I can’t find the fabric online anywhere. The gal wrote, ”Linked Harris Twilight” on my receipt, but good old google isn’t turning up much. Do you guys have any leads for me? Anyway, this fabric was $25.99/yard and I only bought 1/2 yard, leaving me with a $13.00 bill.

I hope sewing makes it into my weekend plans…I have pillows to create!

6 thoughts on “Garage Sale Goodness – pillow inserts & pillow covers

  1. Hilary Said:

    Hi! I live in Portland. Where did you find that lovely ‘linked harris twilight’ fabric? I have fabric envy!

    1. kirsten Said:

      Hi Hilary! Thanks for visiting Restored Style – so glad you stopped by. Good news! I found it at The Whole 9 Yards on 18th and East Burnside. They had a large bolt left and here’s the website:
      It’s sooo pretty – happy fabric shopping to you!

  2. Lisa Said:

    The new fabric is great, but I don’t think the old fabric is SO bad. You might think of saving it to make some small pillow covers or something, if it’s not in too bad condition. Can’t really tell from the photo. But you are right, the shape is great. A long one like that came with my Ikea sofa and it’s a nice contrast from all square ones, and less bulky.

  3. Kari Said:

    I love the chocolate brown and white pattern and the shape of the pillow!!! I am also so impressed you are taking on sewing! I left a message on your blog the other day but I don’t know if you knew this is your cousin/ne neighbor…(well, 2nd cousin or somehting like that- I never get that stuff right)…

  4. katie Said:

    Kir – I must have the “linked harris twilight” for my wedding decor. I’m thinking table runners? Holler if you come across it again and I’ll pay you back. Seriously. I’ll find some use for it! XOXO

  5. The Whole 9 Yards Said:

    Hello and thanks for linking to our store! Did you know we also have a blog? ( And we are trying to get better about tweeting (w9y)!

    The Linked Harris is definitely one of our favorite fabrics, and we are always tickled to see where our favorites end up!

    Thanks again!


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