Garage Sale Goods

Me + 2010 garage sales = no good finds.  

For whatever reason, I’m either late to the party, don’t have enough cash on me, or all I run across is junk (and believe me, I love junk).

I’ve been in a slump. And slumps are funny, because you never know when things will take a turn for the better (or worse). Well, I slowly emerged out of my slump this weekend, and I had to drive all the way to Sweet Home to do so. Kyle and I made the trek to visit his parents this weekend and commemorate Dad’s Day (hooray for having two great Dad’s to celebrate), and conveniently, there happen to be a garage sale right in the neighborhood.

My wonderful mom-in-law and I checked out the sale and I brought home a few items, all for $7.00! I am so, so excited about my “new” chair. It’s made out of english oak and is stuffed with horse hair – the most resilient of stuffings. The sad part is, the chair didn’t come home with us because it wouldn’t fit in our car. It will join us soon, and I have big plans to recover it.


What else did I get? A few old books, an oval frame, a totally righteous pillow that I am going to sew a new case for, and a fairly ugly ottoman that I am probably going to reupholster too (I don’t quite have a vision yet but it was so cheap I could not say no).


And what does Kyle think about all this junk? He thinks I’m nuts, but he warms up to these items after he sees my little eyes light up - all over stained and rickety furniture.

As for fabrics, I’ve been saving these for my next project, whatever it might be…

Chocolate Trellis fabric:

ChocolateTrellis fabric

Zig Zag fabric in Chartreuse:

zig zag chartreuse

Lattice Print fabric:

LS Lattice fabric

Any favorites?

Many thanks to a fellow Kirsten (they are very few and faaaaar between) for introducing me to these fabulous AND affordable fabrics and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how my upholstery projects are coming along!

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