Goo Gone Passion Project

Today I have another video comin’ atcha.

You see, the folks at Goo Gone had a challenge for me. To demonstrate the power of the product, they sent me a chair, and I had to clean it up with Goo Gone. Here’s my story…

It turned out to be super easy and painless – Goo Gone erases sticky, gooey, gummy and greasy messes. It’s a staple in our household, and my Mom used to always have it around the house when I was growing up. And let me tell you, that woman can clean! It’s tried and tested stuff, no doubt.

The chair is super fun and fabulous and is all cleaned-up and ready for action:). Not sure where it’s going in our home yet, but I’ll keep you posted. I also used the Goo Gone on two different plates that had horrible sticker residue on them. And poof! Sticker residue is gone. And I am a happy camper.

Again, stay-tuned for a little holiday download action on Friday! It’s a fun DIY and download in one post.


4 thoughts on “Goo Gone Passion Project

  1. derek Said:

    Your blog has created so many amazing opportunities for you. How cool is this one! I grew up in the mid-west and my parents used Goo Gone for everything, maybe it was a cultural thing but it doesn’t seem to be a common household staple out here in the NW. Do you think Goo Gone would get ride of Tree Sap?

    1. Goo Gone Said:

      Hi Derek – Goo Gone does remove tree sap. For example, if you wanted to remove sap from a car’s exterior, you could use Traditional or Automotive Goo Gone formulas, but be sure to pre-test on an inconspicuous area first. There are a ton of other Goo Gone tips on Hope that helps!

  2. Kathy Said:

    What a great chair!

    I love Goo Gone and have been using it for years on my historic house projects. My latest (and most difficult project) was using the Goo Gone Gel to remove tough adhesive on my master bedroom fireplace. A previous owner had cover the 1924 tile with large slabs of marble. They must have used entire tubes of adhesive to keep the slabs of marble in place. Really over kill on the adhesive.

    I sprayed the product, covered with paper towels to hold product to the vertical surface. Waited 15-20 minutes, and then carefully removed the gummy adhesive with a razor blade. Worked on it off and on for 2 days to completely finish the vertical and horizontal surfaces doing 4 squares at a time. Goo Gone did a beautiful job. I now have the original tile showing in my NW National Historic Register Home. I am very happy with this product and would encourage anyone to try it.

    1. Goo Gone Said:

      Hi Kathy – We love discovering fans like you! We’d love to see pictures and would love to have you upload some of your tips to our Facebook page at! Thanks for sharing your stories, and your love of Goo Gone!


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