Holiday Wish List

Morning, friends! My sweet husband kindly reminded me that I told my readers it was only 10 days until Christmas in yesterday’s post. Clearly, I got ahead of myself. ¬†Good thing there’s two weeks left, as I still have some serious shopping to do. Since Kyle’s stopping by the blog every now and again, I thought I’d share my holiday wish list, in hopes he’ll take a few notes…



A.) Marble cake stand at Crate & Barrel here

B.) Suede ballet flats at J. Crew here

C.) Majorelle mint tea at Terrain here

D.) Scallop ring at Kate Spade here

E.) Farmer’s Market dishtowel at Crate & Barrel here

F.) Cashmere blend gloves here

G.) Cheese board at C. Wonder here

Nothing big, but just a few unexpected treats under the tree make for a fun Christmas morning:). What’s hot on your list this year? Home goods, clothes, or just plain time with family? The older I get, the more I realize how important time with friends and family is…there’s never enough of it.

Cheers to the holidays, friends!


4 thoughts on “Holiday Wish List

  1. Meagan Said:

    Admittedly I had a minor panic attack when you said 10 days yesterday. I flew to a calendar and then decided you must have meant workdays, phew ;-) Some lovely items, thanks for sharing! I adore your blog and can’t wait for more house updates!

  2. Ann Said:

    This is hilarious! I love how you took your harmless mistake (hey, we are ALL excited for Christmas, right?!) and gave some hints to your hubby. Too cute. I have the ballet flats…LOVE. Can’t go wrong.

  3. Joy Said:

    Kirsten, you’re my go-to when it comes to choosing candles. I just got the Anthropologie one you recommended over the weekend and love it, so naturally I want to try this one too. Great choices — I hope they all come to you in beautifully wrapped boxes on Christmas day. xo


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