Home Exterior…So Close!

Friends! I am here! And back in action. Summer in Oregon is too short to spend in front of a computer, but I promise, I’ll be a better blogger now that the sun isn’t shining as much – or ever.┬áPlus, I have plenty of good updates to share with you!

We’re labeling the Summer of 2013 as the “season of waaaay too much yard work”. I can’t tell you how hard Kyle worked on our yard. He spent hundreds of hours weeding, watering, and planting nearly 100 plants. And then there was bark dust. So. Much. Bark dust. I can’t even talk about it. It literally took us a month to spread it all. Never again.

We’re not totally complete with our exterior project + yard overhaul, but we’ve come a long way since we bought the home last Fall, when it looked like this:





Now, it looks like this….








What’s still left to tackle?

  • Select and install new exterior light fixtures
  • Beef up column on porch
  • Paint front door
  • Plant a few more plants
  • Hang address (kinda important!)

And then, believe it or not, this rather HUGE project will be completed. Can I get a heck yes?

10 thoughts on “Home Exterior…So Close!

  1. Mara Said:

    Absolutely beautiful! Do you use some type of film over your windows for privacy?

  2. M Said:

    Looks awesome! Dark mulch always looks so great! Can’t wait to see the final product!

  3. Jenn @ Home Style Report Said:

    You guys have done an amazing job – you have a beautiful home! Would you mind sharing the plant that you have on either side of your garage doors and where you got it? I’ve been looking for something like that for our dining room. Hopefully they can live inside! Thanks and great work!!!

    1. Jen Said:

      Believe those are fatsia japonicas

  4. Kate Said:

    You all have done such a fantastic job! It’s so lovely. I’d love to see an update next year – it will be even better once those plants get another growing season in! I’ve been working on my yard all summer too, but we’ve literally only had a fraction of non-stormy and rainy days here in the south this summer. Makes it extremely difficult to get any yard work done! Anyway, would love to know what the 2 potted plants are on either side of your garage :)

  5. Mandy Knapp Riggar Said:

    What a huge difference the landscaping makes! Looks beautiful! That is our huge project for next summer…and I can already say I am a little nervous!

  6. Kathy Said:

    Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see the exterior lights:)

  7. Laney Said:

    AMAZING job!! You guys rock!!

  8. Jessica Christian Said:

    Great Yarding job! The plant look so fresh & green and they are making the place look so damn beautiful!! Kyle’s hardwork is surely showing off here. The plants look so proper & nice.
    Question: Could u pls tell me broadly which plants are being used? Its time for me to do a yard experiment aswell :D

    Jessica x


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