{House Guest} Leela Cyd Ross


Last week, I had a special house guest. The lovely and ridiculously talented Leela Cyd Ross stopped by for a kitchen photo shoot, and a much too short catch-up date. Leela and I met three years ago, back when we were both figuring out ourselves and our careers. We first met when she shot our  last house for Apartment Therapy and for The Kitchn’, and it’s been a kick to “grow up” together. Speaking of growing up, here’s a photo Leela took of me the day we met (in the pre-Instagram days)…

kirsten bw

And here’s a photo she took just last week. No more baby face, and juuuust a few more wrinkles:)…

Kirsten | Restored Style

Anyway, Leela got right to work and snapped a number of photos from all sorts of angles. She has the best eye. It’s fun to see a true professional at work – she sees interiors through a different lens and I loved seeing her work her camera magic on a dark and dreary Portland day.

photo-222 photo-221

We’re not certain where this kitchen shoot will land, but when it’s published, you’ll surely know about it:). Have a great week, friends!



8 thoughts on “{House Guest} Leela Cyd Ross

  1. Katrina Said:

    Lovely photos! I adore how your kitchen reno turned out and so can’t wait to see more :)

  2. Jenn Said:

    EXCITING!! The house looks amazing just from these quick preview shots – so excited to see where the photos end up! :)

  3. derek Said:

    Can’t wait to see how the photos turn out.

  4. Mandy Knapp Riggar Said:

    Love, love, love!! You look fab, as usual. Can’t wait to see the final photos published! xo

  5. Laney Said:

    I can’t way to see the full reveal and I would love to see the living room too!

  6. Joy Said:

    You look fantastic, and so does your kitchen! Oh, you’ve done such a good job with it. If/when I buy a house in Portland can I hire you to make it look this good? :) xo

  7. Michelle Said:

    Looks great! Keep us posted on when the photos will be published!

  8. shana Said:

    Hi Kirsten! I have been admiring your hanging pendants in the kitchen over the island…can you please share where you purchased them??


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